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3 Days on Juice

with Hey Life



Ever since they came up, Juice Cleanses have polarized Society like few other diets have. Some argue that regular juice cleanses are not only an effective and fast way to loose weight, but also benefit the digestive tract by cleansing, as well as strengthening the metabolism. Others frankly argue that anyone doing a juice cleanse must wholly lack all basic understanding of nutrition. 


Before I give you my Opinion I will briefly share my 3 day experience with Hey Life. 



It was not the first time I had gone on a Juice Cleanse, and I was not in a particular need to loose weight. I was going through a time which was very demanding due to many things going on - long days, packed with work, no free time and no days off. I needed high energy levels and concentration to manage everything and I needed to be efficient in all possible ways. When I started the Hey Life cleanse I was looking for 'the easiest way to eat healthy.'



Rather than going on a full on Juice Cleanse, which can make you tired, and affect your concentration - I decided to instead to a 'choose juice' plan where I simply made the juices my first choice whenever I opened my fridge. I took them with me when I was going out as snacks and widely replaced my food with the juices. I did however snack on healthy food when I was feeling hungry. This way I spent 3 days full of energy and not hungry - I was active and able to complete my long days with a great concentration. I saved a lot of time by not buying groceries and cooking. By the end of the 3 days I lost 1.5kg on the side - without any pain or headache. 

I snacked on fruits like Kaki, dark chocolate (72%), sometimes cheese, nuts or vegetable crudites.


the Juices: 

Coming in a wide variety and with cute names - like Tanning Time, or Züri Breeze - I loved that the juices where not bland in taste at all. One of my favourites - called Spanish Lunch - tasted like a gazpachio because it contained a nice mix of herbs and spices. 

Another one I really liked was not a fruit juice at all but a vanilla flavoured almond milk, which I boiled up and turned it into a hot beverage Almond Milk Chai - perhaps my favourite, most deliciouspart of the Cleanse that I liked to drink in the evening before going to bed. 

Ive included a picture of my daily juice portions below. If you like to see the full selection and details its best to check out  www.heylife.ch 



I am a clear supporter of Juice Programs. Not meant for permanent use, and not even as a 'juice only' diet. I believe the human body is absolutely able to handle fasts, and juice fasts - but they do require a certain amount of focus and dedication which is not always compatible with everyday life. I do really appreciate the fact though, that healthy fresh pressed juices are delivered to our door - making healthy clean eating easier than ever! Making fresh juices yourself is time consuming and not always possible, making own almond milk is even more complex - companies like Hey Life make it possible for all of us to eat (drink) healthier without any effort at all. Nowadays in supermarkets a lot of the juices are still made from concentrate - with the nutritional benefit being virtually zero.

So I really appreciate that today, not only pizzas are delivered to our door - but healthy juices too! 


my recommendation to anyone toying with the thought of trying a juice cleanse but being perhaps a bit apprehensive about the stress of 'drinking only juice and being hungry for 3 days' - is to just try the juices like I did, without stress or pressure.

Its not an 'all or nothing' task - its about making more better choices!








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