Take your Chance to win an Amazing Fit Foodie Package by Manor including a Nutri Bullet! Those of you who follow me on Snapchat (@snapsylwina) Know how happy I was when I opened it & how I have been using the Nutri Bullet daily ever since! 

So I am more than exited to annouce that Manor has decided to offer one more amazing Fit Foodie Package to a lucky Winner. 

All you need to do is ready my Tipps & Inspirations on how to be a Fit Foodie and on the Manor News & Inspirations Blog: http://www.manor.ch/de/u/inspiration-manorfood-0116-fit 

& Share your own Fit Foodie Snaps with the Community by Tagging #ManorFitFoodie on Social Media. 

With a bit of Luck you can be a healthy winner & a fitter YOU in 2016



HOW TO: Turn yourself into FIT FOODIE in 2016

Simple Steps & Essentials 

Step 1: Stick to the Basics

Don’t stuff your cupboards with a ton of things you don’t need. It will clutter your mind and distract you from what you are supposed to be doing. Invest in some Essentials instead: a Yoga Mat, a good Blender and a variety of fresh whole foods in your kitchen is all you need!


Step 2: Juice Tune

Juices are easy to make, healthy and practical. Invest in a NutriBullet, get lots of fresh greens, fruits, herbs, seeds, veggies and you are ready to start juicing.

Tip for Taste: Season your Juices just like you would a salad! Keep them from tasting bland and boring, by adding a few drops of oil, (coconut, pumpkinseed or pistachio are great) and a splash of fruity vinegar (I recommend a raspberry or mango balsamico). Add some nuts or seeds to your juice, Chia Seeds, Pumpkin or Sesame seeds make great additions to your juice. Be Creative with your ingredients! Having a powerful Blender like the NutriBullet will smash up those seeds in no time; you do not even need to soak them (although soaking is recommendable to activate the enzymes and proteins inside the nuts and seeds letting them fully delevop their nutritional qualities). Add herbs and spices such as fresh ginger, cayenne pepper and lime zest. Not only will these power ingredients make your juices taste amazing, they will also lend it significant nutritional benefits and boost your immune system, helping you get through those cold months in a whisk.

Head over to the Manor News & Inspirations Blog to discover the Recipe of this delicious Wheatgrass-Apple Smoothie ->


Tea Time

Give your Body enough Rest! Try going to bed early, drinking fresh tea infusions will help to let you relax before sleeping. In the mornings, try substituting coffee with green tea if possible. Tip for Taste: Add herbs and dried fruits to your tea; sage, peppermint, dried cranberries or fresh ginger are great. Prepare a whole pot, rather than just a cup, this helps to keep your body hydrated. Kitchen Tip: Herbs do not keep a very long time in the fridge - to avoid having to buy a whole bunch of different herbs every other day you can either keep them in your freezer, dehydrate them (in the Oven at 50’Celsius for 10 Minutes) & hang them upside down on a small kitchen rack, or you can buy pots of herbs and grow them fresh in your Kitchen.


Power Breakfast: The Recipe to this delicious Oatmeal Porridge is also up on the Manor News & Inspirations Blog - Have a Look!


Yoga on the go:

No need to get an expensive Gym Membership that you’ll never usw. All you need to start exercising is a pretty gym mat and 30 Minutes of your time in the morning, evening or during the day. The great thing about yoga/gym mats is you can carry them with you. Keep one in your car, office and home, so that your gym is where you are! Have you ever tried moving your morning yoga session outdoors? With a right set of thermo gymwear it can be an amazing experience inhaling the fresh morning air even during winter months. Make sure your muscles are warm and go gentle on your stretches. Do a little warm up run, end with a moment of deep conscious breath, listen to the sounds surrounding you.


The key to healthy living is making things easy, simplifying them and intregrating them into your daily life in perfect sync. Until you cannot imagine your life without them anymore. Discover more Recipe & Tipps such as this delicious Avocado Fennel Salad on the Manor Blog (active Link below). 



Last but not Least Step to becoming a Fit Foodie 


Let your community know about your new lifestyle. Share snapshots of your morning juice or yoga sessions on your social media and tag #manorfitfoodie – to inspire others towards being a Let the world know that YOU ARE A FIT FOODIE 2016!  

With just a little bit of Luck you can Win a NUTRIBULLET & a whole lot of healthy Superfood Treats by Manor! 

THANK YOU MANOR for promoting healthy living! 






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