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One of the recently invented, and most abused, words in my eyes is the term 'Wellness' - it stares us in the face in practically every hotel we visit, when shopping, travelling - breathing its promise of relaxation, health & wellbeing towards us. Usually an empty promise. Spa treatments, Beauty Products, Detox juices, lets face it, rarely make a difference.

During all of my travels and Spa experiences - don't get me wrong, i love to spa and i do it as often as i get the chance - there was one Retreat that stood out, that lived up to its promise fully, that made a change, a permanent one, to the way i viewed health, balance of mind and nutrition.

The Como Shambala Flagship Estate in Ubud, Bali was opened in 2005 with the intention of providing a meaningful wellness & health experience to its guests. Working together with the best teachers for yoga, nutritionists and aryuvedic doctors each guest has a wide range of options for personalized therapy. Combining the accessibility of know-how paired with the ideal setting for  mind relaxation provides the bridge to cross over to making healthy choices a permanent lifestyle.

All of the food served at Como Shambala is fully organic and grown on the 9 acre estate itself and provide the option of a fully raw vegan diet. I do not live on a raw diet - but i did find it inspiring to get new ideas and variety of how food can be prepared. I found myself becoming more aware of my lifestyle, my nutrition - and learned to be more intuitive about my choices.

But Como Shambala is more than a resort for vacation - for those of us who do not have the time to jump into the plane and fly to Bali - detox nutrition plans and effective guidance to making healthier choices as well as providing valuable nutrition information is available on their website. For anyone looking to change & improve or just assess their diet I highly recommend these plans. They are not radical, they are not extreme - rather they are well balanced & provide a lot of freedom for the personal choices which is right for you.
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COMO Shambala Resort COMO Shambala Resort

Find Change in the Heart of Bali - a wellness experience that goes far beyond 'pampering'

FOOD 29 April 2014