with NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto and Coffee Master Ola Persson


I was quite involved with discovering coffee during the past 10 weeks. I received the new Dolce Gusto Eclipse Machine (the one that looks like a pretty awesome spaceship) with ALL their new Coffee’s for testing. Incarom Latte, Catuai do Brasil and Preludio along with classics such as the Barista, Lungo, Espresso and of course the milk beverage capsules Latte Macchiato and Soy Cappuccino that make the Dolce Gusto coffee experience at home so unique.

It was the first time I produced a foamy cappuccino straight from the capsule of a coffee machine, and I was a bit in disbelief. Yet it looked, and tasted amazing especially combined with the flavourful espresso shots. My favourite combo was the soy cappuccino together with the intense brazilian Catuai do Brazil shot. The combination was just perfect in the morning combining the smoothness of the milk with a strong kick of espresso to start my day.

Preludio is perfect for people who love to sip their coffee all through the morning without having 10 coffee’s a day. Its a smooth, tall dark coffee that scores much better on the acidity scale and richness in taste compared to filter coffee or a regular americano. I had it in the morning sometimes when I was consumed with office work or during hot afternoons shaken with ice and some coconutsugar as an iced coffee. I also blended up the Preludio a couple of times with ice and caramel sirup or coconut cream as a frozen coffee / dessert.

My favourite blend though was the Incarom Latte. It was by accident the very first capsule I popped into my Eclipse after installing it, and what came out was such a surprise. I believe I have never tasted anything quite like it before. A coffee chicoree blend with milk - mildly spicy, very flavourful it reminded me almost a bit of maca flavour but I can’t actually place it. Its unique - and I truly enjoyed it. I’ve been savouring my incarom capsules since, not wanting to use them up. I saved them for special moments like when my mom came to visit and I was showing her my new coffee machine.

My coffee moments with Dolce Gusto were not limited to my home however. With a perhaps rather ambitious claim to ‘Become a coffee master’ Dolce Gusto invited me to a workshop to learn about coffee. I am not sure wether I have accomplished becoming a coffee master truthfully, but I certainly met a REAL Coffee Master - which is equally as nice. Ola Persson who gave the workshop was really an incredible persona. I have met many self-proclaimed coffee-addicts in my life, but Ola took the passion for that bean to the next level, and under his skin. He did have a bunch of coffee related tattoo’s (he said that in fact all of his Tattoo’s he had were coffee related) the most impressive one I found to be the chemical compound of caffeine on his wrist that reminded me of chemistry classes back in high school (favourite subject back then). Ola spoke to us about how the Dolce Gusto coffee capsules are made, and how the flavour is preserved by the beans being grinded and transferred into the capsuled and sealed airtight and lightproof within minutes so that the aroma would not be lost. Indeed when he punched a hole into the capsules a flavour rose that was far more intense than when I buy coffeepowder by the bulk in the supermarket.

Ola then went on to show us some coffee recipe’s that took the versatility and creativity in preparing coffee to a new level. Combining it with things such as chocolate AND wasabi or chilli and condensed milk, or adding it to a virgin caipirinia - it was pretty spectacular to watch him turn a shot of espresso into a real experience of flavour. His personal tip: Add a shot of espresso to your bolognese sauce to make it really spectacular. I have yet to try that one out, but after tasting each of his creations and how amazing they where there’s no doubt on my mind that this man’s taste can be trusted. Ola shares his creativity and idea’s with the public in cookbooks and on social media. If you are a coffee lover such as me and like to get creative with food and try out new things - you should definitely go check this guy out. We finished with a little lesson in coffee pouring art. Using the milk beverage capsules from the Dolce Gusto machine Ola created flowers, a puppy and even a Hello Kitty head on a cappuccino.

I took home a whole bunch of inspirations on how to get creative with coffee at home and the next time I have guests I will definitely serve coffee not only after the meal. I am also motivated now to get going with come cappuccino art, as I learned its not as hard as everyone says it is with boiling up the milk to the right consistency and everything. With the Dolce Gusto coffee technology even I can be a coffee artist which is good news!

Stay tuned on my Instagram and Stories for upcoming Coffee creations and make sure to give Ola a like and a follow if you love creative minds and great coffee.


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