This oriental palace location, is so spectacular it is worth to go there just to walk through its doors and into the lavish welcome area. Pomegranate trees, grand doors, pools of water illuminated by candlelight, open skies, sitting areas and heavy curtains - surreal by all means. During my whole stay I couldn’t stop exploring its corners & admiring its details.

The Royal Mansour, which is member of the Leading Hotels of the World Group, truly makes its guests feel welcome from the very first moment of stepping through its gates. The hotel ‘room’ is not a room but rather a 3 floor ‘Riad’ with an open sky entrance leading to a cozy living room area on the ground floor, a lavish bed & bathroom on the first floor, and a terrace with private swimming pool on the top floor - combining the luxury of a 5 Star Hotel with the luxury of a private home. 

The Hotel which opened in 2010, took 3.5 years to build and is at best location set right inside the walls lining the old town of Marrakech within walking distance to the old market square and restaurants Le Comptoir and Jad Mahal (500m). I was impressed by the building standard - I often found that hotels may look stunning on pictures and websites, but when taking a close look there is a lot of 'dirt in the cracks' - this is definately not applicable to the Royal Mansour which is extremely clean and maintained with a lot of care. The service is a high level 'white glove' type of standard but not at all arrogant, stiff or cold - I felt very welcome and comfortable as a guest during my stay with them, and I felt taken care of very well. 

Atmosphere: Quiet, calm and very upper class - voice level of all guests was low and civilized. The hotel seemed not packed & not empty - it was a nice & relaxing atmosphere with a lot of class. The evening after arriving the hotel held a small fashion show in the welcome & bar area, showing beautiful models in traditional dresses & piaget jewellerey which i very much enjoyed to watch. (of course I couldn't help but sneak a picture with the models :) 

Room features: complementary mini bar, fresh fruits as well as dates & figs changed daily, easy to use AC & Light system conveniently located, highly equipped bathrooms with all necessary beauty & hygiene essentials, private pool & sunbeds, fireplace, coffee & tea machiene to use a discretion, separate backdoor entrances for staff, private ground floor 'courtyard' for sitting outside privately & protected from the sun. 

the Food: is high standard, white table cloth presentation, international dishes and local ones with a touch of creativity. The breakfast can be ordered by the menu and offers everything from fruit plate, selection of moroccan pancakes and eggs served in the tagine. Beef ham and bacon and poultry sausages was offered as an alternative to pork. The service was at times a bit slow, but always very friendly. 

the Spa: definately a highlight feature of the Hotel, located hidden away in the large estate but once found presenting itself as an amazing location of relaxation. I especially liked that treatments where available immediately, offering the luxury of a spontaneous visit and treatment of choice. From Hammam packages to Thai massages using Argan Oil - the Spa's treatment menu included everything one could ask for. The treatments where conducted skillfully and effectively - definately leaving me more relaxed and 'in sync' with my body. I recommend visiting the Spa on the first day upon arrival, because after the traveling you might be stressed and tired, so the spa experience can really help to prepares your mindset on enjoying and soaking up the experience and impressions of the stay. 

I am happy to say that my stay with Royal Mansour was fantastic - supremely located for discovering the old town, but also a perfect hideaway to spend time, relax and write. I felt welcome from the moment I stepped in, and comfortable to ask for anything I needed. I can definately recommend it to anyone who is looking for an amazing world class hotel accommodation with a local flair. 


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