F O O D    D I A R Y 

29th of March 2016 - 4th of April 2016


What moved me to do a simple Food Diary - taking pictures of literally every Detail that I ate for an entire Week? 

I make regular inspirational Posts on my social media and share recipe posts on my blog or share diet experiments - but I realized most of my readers probably what to know what the reality of my eating habits actually looks like. Its that gap between 'instagram' food and the reality of whats on my plate at times. Like I would never post a bag of cinema popcorn on my instagram - because I do not feel it necessary to either promote the packaging of the cinema, or motivate anyone to eat popcorn - plus its just not fotogenic and I don't want to see it on my feed even. But, nonetheless, whenever I go to the cinema a buttery portion of popcorn is as much part of the experience for me as turning my phone off and glaring at a large movie screen. Yes, I enjoy going to the movies - I enjoy the whole lazyness and commerciality of the experience, just as much as I sometimes enjoy a Pizza or Ben&Jerry's on Weekend Movie Nights. 

Being a health conscious Foodie & Clean Eater does not mean I cannot indulge in that kind of recreation every now and then - its the 90% rule. So what does that 90% rule really look like. Because just as much as the Pizza and Popcorn is a component of my diet sometimes, rigorous discipline and dedication to eating plantbased unrefined fresh products in small portions is equally as much of a reality. I think embracing those both worlds is the key to being a happy eater. Realizing that its a fine line from being an intuitive and conscious but relaxed eater to being a compulsive and destructive eater is ultra important. 

Orthorexia is the name given to that 'new eating disorder' given to individuals who are compulsively eating healthy. If you wanna read more about that definition head over to this link: 

*** Disclaimer*** What you see on that Food Diary is not my idea of a perfectly healthy and balanced diet - it is the reality of what my eating habits look like. It's not perfect - it's honest. *** 


So even if my Instagram and Blog is filled with lots of healthy foods & smoothie inspirations - I am not afraid to eat a Mars Bar. The Mars Bar may not contribute to me having healthy hair, nails or bone growth, it may give me a quick rush of fast sugar and leave me craving for more after 30 minutes - but its not going to make me sick, or make my hair fall out, or cause disruptive sleep. The Mars Bar is also not going to make me wake up fat the next morning. Its just a load of empty calories that taste good - thats it. Like having an extra person tagging along in a team not doing any work & just sitting around. Unneccessary, but not harmful. 

Anyways, I felt it was important to state that. Of course, if your 'team' is made up of only Mars Bars - no progress will be done. But as long as its just that one odd black sheep, no harm will be done. 

On the second count its important to show portions. I notice often that people are misguided about portions, and thinking if they eat a bag of nuts, or top their salads with an avocado and two eggs they are eating a sensible portion - well not really. My favourite case is the wave of 'healthy' food bloggers on social media that share breakfast recipes with an entire bar of chocolate on top of them -> thats not a good portion. I recommend 20-40g of chocolate a day, not 100g on your breakfast alone. 

When considering portions I follow a japanese confucian teaching called 'Hara hachi bun me' that recommends individuals to stop eating when they are 80% full. Its a practice of mental moderation and has a spiritual component aswell of exercising self-control and being aware of and grateful for food. Exzessive eating (gluttony) is not only declared a sin by religious teachings, I also believe its not ethical and not respectful towards our environment. 

The third component is opportunistic eating: meaning that I only eat when I have time, and in regard to whats available. During the first 3 days of my food diary I was on shoots. So there was no time for home cooking and proper meals. I was living on bits and pieces of salad, raw fruit, chocolate and simple roasted veggy dinners for basically 3 days. During those first days I was definitely under eating but in the course of the whole week that was balanced, as I went for lunch tastings, events and dining experiences later on and ate more frequently with more time and opportunity to eating. The human is made for unregular eating by default, the times where food is readily and abundantly available in supermarkets is relatively new. So in my eyes theres no danger in eating unregularly, as long as I am enjoying my food and feeling relaxed about eating. 

The result of how all this comes together in the reality of my real day to day eating habits I've collected together for you on my Facebook Blog Page: 

Some quotes to keep in mind: 

Don't be afraid of food - No food is forbidden - Enjoy Eating

Eat in moderation - Give yourself plenty of time to eat

Eat fresh whole food - locally and seasonally whenever possible



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