It was a pleasure to hit up with lovely foodblogger Zoe Torinesi from at the Hiltl Cooking Atelier to share one of my favourite frozen treat recipe's for summer. If you don't know Zoe - shes the sunshine personality girl with italian roots that cooks up the best dishes from all categories in an easy and approachable way. Doing step by step youtube Video's along the way which she shares on her youtube channel. Have a look: 

NANAICECREAM has been grossingly popular on the web, and not without reason: Its tasty, its sweet, its colourful, but its healthy too - and there are endless combination possibilities. I eat it daily on the hot days. Plus its easy & quick to prepare taking just 5 minutes. All you need to do is keep some frozen sliced Bananas stocked in your freezer and be creative with recipe's. 

If you are unsure about creative combinations, but want to try something a bit more unusual, I've got my top recipe's lined up right here. They are of complex multilayer taste and well balanced ingredients, plus packed with good stuff.

Best just to try it out - its really easy <3


Blueberry Vanilla NANA Icecream
(optional Topping: Roasted Black Sesame)
140g frozen Banana slices
100g Blueberries frozen (can also be replaced with another berry, cherry or acai)
Content of half a scraped vanilla bean
10g Cocoblossomsugar or Date sirup (normal sugar would work too) to sweeten (add quantity depending on preference)
10g black soaked sesame plus another 10g dry as topping
30ml Almondmilk
20ml Coconutcream
5ml Cream Balsamico


Matcha Coconut Pineapple NANA Icecream
(optional Topping: Roasted Coconut Shreds)

130g frozen Banana slices
20g frozen Dates
10ml Coconutcream 
20ml Pineapplejuice
1 EL Coconutvinegar
1tl Matcha Powder
half a lime pressed and the peel scraped 
fresh mint
Date sirup to sweeten (quantity depending on preference)
30g fresh spinach
10g coconut shreds als topping

Apricot Strawberry Goji NANA Icecream - topped with Smoked Almonds & Blueberry

120g frozen Banana Slices
20g frozen Dates
100g frozen Apricot
40g soaked Goji
40g frozen Strawberry 
15ml sea buckthorn puree
20ml Coconutvinegar
Cocoblossomsugar to sweeten depending on preference
30ml Coconutmilk
20g fresh blueberry topping
20g smoked almond as topping


Chocolate Olive NANA Icecream topped with cocoa nibs

140g frozen Bananas
20g frozen Dates
30g black Olives
15g dark cocoa powder
30ml soy milk
cocoa nibs as topping


So next time you have a sweet tooth it does not need to come with a guilty conscience or heavy stomach afterwards. Just grab your banana's, berries & blender and whisk up some delicious vegan sweet. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer & don't forget to submit your NANA Icecream pics at [email protected] 

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