SASS Dubai

In Dubai - where everything is bigger, bolder and more extravagant - its hard to pick the spot which is so spectacular to make it stand out. Amongst the super stylish, ultra modern and überdesigned places I was looking for a place which carries something that money cant buy - amazing athmosphere!

That feeling when a venue carries positivity, open mindedness, the crowd is relaxed and having fun - when going out, you want to relax, enjoy and have a good time.

When I visited the SASS Dubai the first time for dinner on my last trip to Dubai I felt it immediately - it was buzzing - it was happening!


The location is fabulous - dark glamour - red velvet, chandeliers, the piano - sexy, glamorous and mysterious at the same time - extravagant but comfortable - a place where you forget time. 

The food is inspired by the southern french cuisine with great selection of starters (I ordered two for myself) and a good selection of grilled meat and fish for maincourses: the perfect dinnerplace. Accompanied by live music on the Piano and singers as well as a DJ sets the ambiance is perfect. The crowd is stylish and absolutely upgrades the location in the way only the right crowd can.


The highlight of the place for me was the bar though - the mixologist who is doing his magic at the bar is probably the best one I have ever seen anywhere that I have been to. Creating a custom drink for me and hitting my taste so exactly I found it slightly worrysome (ask for Christian).


Overall an amazing experience - the best I've had in Dubai so far.


Check it out & Enjoy!

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