Taste Marrakech

When traveling to any destination its high on my list of things to look forward to - the TASTE. 

Heres are my Quick Tipps for good eating in Marrakech: 



Le Comptoir - Dinnerplace - entertaining venue with local & international dishes, great athmosphere and oriental interior. 

+ Location, Entertainment, Service, Ambiance 


BO-ZIN - Asian Food dinnerplace set in a stunning modern venue, serving asian fusion cuisine. Best Dish I tried was the spicy Thai Beef salad. 

+ Location, Design

+\- Food 

- Service, Ambiance 


JAD MAHAL - stunning oriental dinnerplace with live shows, bellydancers & Asian/International & Local Dishes. Great Menu but not amazing interpretation. The dishes lacked some creativity. 

+ Location, Shows, Service 

- Food 


Must Tries:

fresh dates from the market, fresh squeezed morrocan orange juice, Kefta (minced meat balls), Vegetables or Chicken cooked in Tagine (local clay pot), Morrocan Tea (sweet fresh peppermint infusion) - the selection of moroccan salads offered as a starter dish in most restaurants serving local cuisine (includig JAD MAHAL & Le Comptoir), dishes prepared using precious argan oil; the 'liquid gold' that Marocco is known for. 

I skipped: common dish as a starter are briouates (samosas) which I forewent because I avoid fried foods. I also skipped on the couscous & rather kept myself to a clean paleo based eating regime. 

My Cheatmeal: I couldn't resist to try the local moroccan pancakes one time for breakfast - served with thyme honey & goats milk yoghurt, it was simply heavenly & very worth it!




It starts when stepping out of the airport and breathing the air - scented, spicy, warm, mild. The air in Marrakech smells like a soothing smooth mixture of its own highly praized tea. The experience develops when tasting the first richly soft date upon arrival at the hotel, the first sip of fresh moroccan orange juice. When visiting restaurants abroad I always look for the local dishes on the menu, ask the service for the specialties. I want to try the dish that they do best - the dish that they are proud of. 

It sometimes involves a bit of dialogue, because of course when asking for recommendations the waitor is inclined to simply recommend the most expensive dish, because he just might be trained to do so. But like everywhere in the world, the most expensive is not always the best. Beef filet I can eat anywhere in the world - its not what I came for. Lucky I made the experience that not far behind the 'trained' professional surface of the waitors there is the human being that I am looking for, proud of his homecountry, willing to share its secrets with me. 



I really really wanted to try Kefta, the local type of meatballs served with a variety of side dishes. There are countless stands offering the local foods at the marketsquare - I wandered a bit & tried to find a stand where I saw many local people eating, the selection looked fresh and the people friendly. I had already been warned by friends back home NOT to eat anything off the street markets because of hygiene reasons - but I kind of like a risk every now and then - so I went for it. The Kefta was suuper delicious, mixed beef & lamb meat together with roasted vegetables, aubergiene, green peppers & onion, marinated olives, fresh salad. I loved it! What I noticed generally on the Street markets is that the Salads contain almost no dressing, and little salt is used - so its actually a super healthy way of eating. 


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