Villa Romana

There are good places, great places, amazing places and then there are these few places which capture with a magic that seems surreal. Villa Romana is one of them; rare, special & beyond wonderful, combining tradition and authenticity with class and glamour. St. Tropez, otherwise known for its beachclubs and sexy pool parties, which live up to their reputation in every way, prooves that it can offer far more.


Villa Romana perfectly captures the mood of St. Tropezs nights, glowing in hundreds of coloured lights, a stunning garden setting, dinner cabaret shows & entertaintment this place offers a dining experience with a location that is the perfect host for even the most fabulous of fantasies. The Menu has no prices - if you care, dont come - or check the menu online to find them ;)

from the down to earth pizza, straight from the prettiest pizza oven I have ever seen, for 25 to the french caviar for 280 or grilled spiny lobster for 75 any wishes are cared for - special wishes & off the menu orders are welcome & the winecard does not get shoved in your face. These are the rare characteristics of truly excellent service, where the desires of the guests are focused upon rather than some targets for consumtion on side of the management (!) I enjoyed an excellent dinner there with pizza & drinking only sparkling water and was not frowned upon once by the waiter - this is class!

The dining experience gets enhanced by numerous show acts, beautifully burlesque feathered dancers and a lot of sparkle, the staff is funny competent & never gives no for an answer. Guests feel welcome and looked after. My overall impression of the venue was that of a glamorous jungle dinner party with that air of Great Gatsby. Picking up motives from all sorts of mystical eras, epoques blending together kitsch, romance & glamour to one funky wonderland, feeding our imaginations with images, sounds & tastes.

I admit it - I had to pinch myself.
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Villa Romana Villa Romana

Step into a real life Wonderland

FOOD 30 July 2014

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that place on the Southern French Coast that keeps the World coming back

FOOD 15 August 2014