Its the only night of the year where ghosts, witches and goblins will knock on our doors threatening us with evil tricks. No garlic garlands or crosses will ward off these vampires - the only means to protect ourselves is to give them what they are asking. 

Theres a lot of misconceptions about deamons, ghosts and vampires. You will find, that in reality they are much smaller than they are portraied in movies - and they can be talked to. They prefer to act in groups, and they know no hostility amongst each other. They move together towards common goals - pretty peacefully. Its hard to say no to them. 

To our great fortune it is not our blood that they are demanding - its sweets. You will stay unharmed as long as you are ready to empty your cupboard. And the ghosts are pretty undemanding - one basket of sweets and you shall have peace for another year. 


But if you are going to Give Kids Candy - have it be homemade! 

There is nothing wrong with a chocolate birthday cake, sugar cookie or christmas gingerbread once in a while - homemade sweet recipe's are "clean" even if they contain Gluten, Lactose, Sugar AND Butter ;) 


This year, perhaps because I am already über exited for Christmas baking season, I decided to make Halloween Cookies to pass out to the flock of ghosts circling the neighborhood tonight. These cookies are easy to prepare - I can prepare them a few days ahead (like I showed you on Snap Chat) and they serve as decoration aswell. After the Ghost Fest is over they are easily 'disposible' and I do not need to store or throw away anything :) 

Its really a super nice way to put your kitchen and living room in halloween spirit. 

I ordered all of my utensils at Back-Art: an amazing online baking shop with an amazing variety of appliances and ingredients - anything you could possibly need for baking, decorating and desserts. To make Halloween cookies all I needed was some themed cookie moulds and some black, orange and green colored sugar fondant (I do not like Marzipan) as well as some carving tools. All together with the dough ingredients the order will cost you around CHF 50.00 not even - but you will have enough cookies to feed a whole deamon army at your front door!

You can basically use any cookie recipe you prefer! Brunsli, Zimtsterne, Spitzbuben - any dough will work! I used a classical Mürbeteig for my cookies and just added some fine grated pumpkin and ginger along with date sirup into my mixture. 

I left the dough to cool overnight, and then rolled out the different colored fondants to start with the decorating. I used the same cookie moulds again to cut out the shapes from the fondants and draped them onto the cookies. This was super easy to do, and I showed it all on Snap Chat (Username: SnapSylwina) Thank you to so many of you for watching! Of course unfortunately the Snap Videos & Kitchen Tutorials delete themselves after 24 hours - but I will show many more tutorials regularly - so download the app & join SnapChatNation <3

So those of you on Snap saw how easy it was - Super EASY! I was not sure at first how it was going to turn out, but I was amazed with the results and looking forward to creating many more themed cookies in the future with the Back Art Products. 

It was also super easy to order by the way - and after 2 days all my ingredients arrived at my house so I was set to start baking. 

Back Art also has a thousand other products - such as macaron kits, cake baking & decoration products. If you need ANYTHING in relation to baking - you will probably find it there. Crazy colours - edible glitter - cute silicone moulds - I just LOVED the selection! 

& I am super ready for tonights Ghost Invasion! 

To all of you dear Readers - I wish you a very happy Halloween & don't forget to join us on Snap Chat!


ps. Don't forget to tag your baking creations on Instagram with #BACKARTZH for them to show up below on the Blog


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