Antiquario da Marco

Enjoying Quality in a Casual Athmosphere is made possible at Restaurant Antiquario da Marco - the easy, family run italian food spot in Zurich. Antiquario is not the Chic, dressed up place where you go to be 'spotted' - its that place where you go to eat. Albeit an opinion which is shared by some society heavyweights such as Sepp Blatter, Stress or Karina Berger who all have named Antiquario as their 'fave' italian.

Combining classical elements such as the typically italian served water San Pellegrino, to the grissini & voluminous red wine glasses with unconventional, almost 'intentionally undesigned' elements in interiour & presentation - to fine details of swissness like the Bürli served as bread with the meal instead of olive bread or ciabatta gives the Restaurant its own casual & unique flair without appearing too 'forced'. One could call it coincidental, or one could call it laid back - what it certainly creates is an athmosphere of feeling comfortable - a place where guests sit down, and just 'be'. The restaurant is well filled, but not noisy - Marco, who took over the restaurant in 2004 after his father opened la Piazetta - another excellent spot for l'italianita by the way - and his sister Sabrina host guests in a warm & friendly way, letting them feel at home. They live up to Antiquario's credo that visitors 'arrive as guests but leave as friends.' An attitude which I find honourable. A member of the Giuliani family is always there - with Marco & Sabrina's Mom and Dad also lending a helping hand when needed to take care of each valued guest & friends. 


Who goes there: 

Anyone who is looking for casual dining, enjoys quality in eating & loves italian food is perfect at Antiquario. 



The food menu is extensive - several pages to flip through - so you are safe to take a date there who is a picky eater, because anyone is going to find something on the menu which they like.


What to order: 

Try the spicy chili Gamberoni Aglio Olio as an appetizer - unlike in other restaurants I have visited in town which offer this dish - Antiquario prepares it using the large gambas rather than the tiny ones and the spicy chili marinade is really superb. Its nice to enjoy with the bread or some salad on the side. 

The best choice as starter plate is definately the homemade Triangoli - a triangle shaped ravioli which comes in different sauces. I recommend that you order a plate with a selection of all the different fillings and sauces - truffled, al pomodoro, filled with chicoree etc. reeeally delicious. The pasta is made using an original italian recipe from Marco's Grandmother - the dough is ultra thin, almost dissolving on my tongue, like a hue of pasta, rather than a heap of it. I am not a big pasta eater - but I simply couldn't resist to finish my plate. 

The Filet of Canadian Bison for maincourse is one of my highlights on the menu - I really love Bison meat & there are only a few spots in Zurich offering it. The cut served at Antiquario is probably the best one I had in town. Served medium rare with a side of vegetables - a supreme dish which in itself is enough of a reason to come back. 


in short: Unpretentious, Quality, Italian Dinnerplace - I thank Marco & Sabrina for their hospitality & already look forward to coming back!




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