Ecco on Snow

Ever since the first time I ever heard the term molecular cuisine back in 2007, I was fascinated by the idea of evolving cooking by using new tools and revolutionizing the process of preparation to create new dishes. When i heard that in the beautiful hotel Giardino in Ascona a new molecular restaurant was due to open its doors, I could not wait to visit, and booked immediately. Ecco was my first molecular dining experience, one that I will never forget, and my exitement for the innovative and artistic way of preparing food has stuck with me ever since.

7 Years later I took a visit to Ecco´s alpine younger brother "Ecco on Snow" in the Giardino Mountain hotel in St. Moritz. Awarded with a spectacular two Michelin stars it was a culinary experience full of both amazement and surprises. I find that enjoying molecular fine dining promotes my gratitude and awareness for food, its value and its preciousness. To eat consciously, to take time for experiencing the different tastes, consistencies, colours lets me reflect about my relationship to food as well as serving as an inspiration for my creativity when preparing food myself.

Definately a recommendable experience for anyone who would like to meet our familiar foods from the supermarket turned into the stars of a culinary art installation for you to enjoy.



St. Moritz
Ecco on Snow Ecco on Snow

Where cooking is an Art, and Michelin Stars are awarded - dining becomes an unforgettable experience

RESTAURANTS 29 January 2014

St. Moritz
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