GEORGE - Bar & Grill

Art Deco Penthouse Location overlooking Zurich

Cool Drinks, Good Meats & fresh Oysters

Welcome to GEORGE



The entrance to George is snuck inbetween the side of Zurichs Casino and the Sihl. The private elevator takes us straight to the top floor - with doors opening themselves to a spacious, elegant Penthouse. 

It could look like the home of George. There is a Dining & Living Area separated by the Bar, theres a wardrobe, books and a piano, a library... clearly a masculine vibe, eccentric. Feels like stepping into a scene from TV Series Mad Men. George could be a Mad Man - he seems to have a thing for animal Teapots, salt and pepper shakers. I find myself visualizing George out on the countryside dressed up in some hunting gear, feathered hat - with some friends shooting clay pot dummy animals. George must be American. A british man would never do that. I can see him dropping his gun in mad laughter after a hit, screaming to his male peers and admirers about his City Penthouse that he has not been at in years. A status symbol, statement of his generosity - or blunt evidence of his excessive wealth. 

George is popular - always packed. Even on Sundays, when George holds his "Sunday Roast" which is served on a Wagon along with Yorkshire Pudding and Sweet Potato Fries (see whole Menu below).

George does not publish his Menu online - So I went ahead and photographed it for you! The menu is classical and, apart from some seasonal dishes listed on the first page, stays the same all year round. Talked about are the Surf & Turf, Oysters, meat cuts or truffled French fries. I especially like that meat grading illustration on the Menu - rare at 38' to well done at 60'. 


My Recommendations: 

Oysters: fresh and delivered daily 

Grilled Meats: from a 300g Rib Eye for one person to a 1000g Porterhouse for sharing. George offers some really impressive cuts of meat on his menu. 

Best Lobster in Town: Whole Maine Lobster on the Grillserved cut in half, sec, with butter on the side, prepared fresh. 

Creative Side Dishes: Truffled Fries with Parmigiano, glazed carrots or Spinch with Bluecheese (my favourite) - the side dishes are anything but boring and always delicious. 

Vegetarian: the grilled vegetable Lasagna is amazing! 


To the sharp right opens a door to a terrasse for those who like to blow smoke above the rooftops of Zurich and chat, glancing at the stars every now and then. Cultivated, distinguished, elegant with a touch of art deco - anything but 0815. The Team was overall friendly except for the Host who was slightly arrogant. But perhaps that is just a part of the Américanité.

Instead of Espresso I tried an Espresso Martini - at GEORGE's Place this one is served with a bowl of fleur de sel and tobasco (optional). On the whole the drinks are not elaborate or far fetched - but anything from boring. A simple good drink. 

I think George would say: he likes things simple. It may sound like sarcasm, but in his way I think hes being sincere. 

By the way - I am not the only one who seems to like GEORGE! Aside from being always very booked, GEORGE has also been nominated for the Best of Swiss Gastro Award 2015!

If reading this review made you feel like visiting GEORGE - hop on the link below of where you can find all the info's & booking options.




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