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Panasian Fusion Finedining Restaurants are currently booming in all the major cities worldwide. Chains like Zuma, Nobu, Hakkasan or Novikov are taking over New York, Paris, London, Dubai & Monte Carlo and are considered to be 'the' places to eat at at the moment. Together with french mediterranean chain, La Petite Maison, and the italian Cipriani - they make up the group of current 'it-restaurants' that everybody wants to be (seen) at. 

What they share is a mutual attitude towards how they serve food: simple sharingplates, casual atmosphere, high end cuisine. 

The chef's, the preparations, innovation and quality of the dishes served are top notch - the mood relaxed & friendly, attitudes are openminded, service level and prices high. You need to calculate a 200pp when eating in a place like this & plenty of international clientele is willing to pay. 

This hits the nerve of our time, with guests sometimes not wishing to put up with all the extensive etiquette of haute cuisine dining. Casual has become the new luxury on the international culinary scene - and with the opening of HATO in November 2015, Zurich is positioning itself on that top international niveau. 

I am proud to have a Restaurant like HATO here. I especially appreciate it when I have international guests visiting to show them that Zurich is indeed very much playing in the top league. Despite being a tiny city compared to London or Paris, and despite 'prejudices' of us Swiss being rather conservative: HATO proves the opposite - HATO is running and it is running well. Still well 3 months after opening its fully booked on weekends with waiting lists and is packed on weekdays and over lunch aswell. Our community here seems to know the international trends and seem to value the dining experience offered by HATO. 

What makes it stand out - besides featuring a stunning location and excellent food. It is the flexible mindset and tolerant attitude that sets HATO apart, taking guest service to a new level. Example: your phone is out of battery? HATO keeps branded portable phone chargers that can be brought right to your table so you can conveniently charge your phone as you have dinner. Example: You are Gluten intolerant? Lactose intolerant or Vegan?  No problem - no one at HATO will not oggle you like an outcast the way you are oggled at in other places. 


The Story of HATO: 

The Kitchen Team headed by Nathan Dallimore who was chef in London's Novikov prior to his engagement in Switzerland was running the kitchen of District 5 Restaurants & Club Alice Choo for almost a year (former Indochine Club). It was like a trial phase and premiere for that type of cuisine being served in Zurich. The combination of running a high end Restaurant AND Club, aswell as the Location slightly outside the heart of the city in district 5 prooved to set some boundaries on realizing the concept in the way Nathan Dallimore wanted to realize it: bringing contemporary and high level panasian cuisine to Zurich and offering a distinguished dining experience. Realizing this under the circumstances of a shared club location is difficult - so when the Goodman's Steakhouse central City Location came on the market it was time to move. 

Now, Nathan Dallimore has the right environment to realize his original vision of taking panasian finedining to the next level, in a more sophisticated and central setting. With a highly exclusive Lalique Private Dining Room, a right by the Kitchen Chef's High Table and even a 'secret' Wineroom allowing small events and private Parties - the new HATO location offers all the features needed to offer that experience. A fresh fish market with Catch of the Day that can be prepared and served upon special Order, a live Sushi Bar and a Liquid Kitchen, run by Worldclass Bartender Contest Winner Alexandros Nicolaides, await to spoil its guests with exquisite taste. 



The Food Menu is rather large and versatile - offering a broad range of asian dishes. Here are some of my favourite recommendations: 

Dim Sum: the Dumplings at HATO are prepared & folded fresh in an amazing variety of shapes, tastes and colours. If you like Dumplings you should definitely try that. 

Sushi & Sashimi: Michael Adams the sushi chef is passionate about his work and works not only with precision but also with great creativity in tastes and looks. He constantly reinvents his creations adding fine details - his Sushi plates look great, taste even better! 


Healthy Picks: 

I usually go for a Goma Salad and some Sashimi or Filet of Fish (Salmon Teriaki or the Signature Miso Black Cod), I like Ceviche and New style Sashimi aswell, Pak Choi, Grilled Vegetables, Baby Chicken & the Soups. I avoid Dim Sum & Sushi because of the Carb/Protein Mix, and of course Tempuras are a No Go in my book. If you are Vegan I recommend you try the Vegan Black Pepper Tofu, or the Vegan Crispy Tofu Salad. If you are on a Low Carb Diet the Avocado Crab Salad is an excellent choice. If you want to eat Low Fat (which is the hardest one in any restaurants) ask for a Low Fat grilled fish or Sashimi, grilled veggies with no oil, dumplings, vegetarian sushis, Goma Salad & steamed veggies or pak choi. 


Signature Dishes: 

Popular Choices & Must Try's are definitely the Crispy Duck Salad which comes in a big bowl and can be shared. The Miso Marinated Yuzu scented Black Cod which is unique in Zurich and created by marinating the cod filets for 2 days in a secret miso recipe by Nathan. The Peruvian Ceviche with a mix of marinated raw fish.

My Tipp: Braised Beef! I think it has to be ordered in advance because of the extensive preparation time and is not always available - but try your luck - its definitely worth it! 



Theres a Business Bento Box Lunch offer with weekly changing choice of 3 menu's - Meat, Fish, & Vegetarian Option containing a small sushi, a salad, a hot maincourse, edamame and dim sum selection. 


Drinkable Perfumes: 

If you are a Cocktail and Mixology Lover, as I am, look out for Alexis Nicolaides when ordering at the bar - he is a true connaisseur of tastes and passionate bartender. One of the best I personally have seen worldwide. 


****DISCLAIMER**** I do Social Media for HATO so my Opinion may be biased, as I know the Team and all the hard work & efforts they put into making HATO what it is & taking care of their guests. I was in no way contracted or in any way obligated to write this Review. Content on this Page is subject to my free opinion only. This applies to HATO as well as any other Location, Produkt or Brand that you may find mentioned on this Page ****

Thank you for Visiting!




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The HATO Story The HATO Story

Crispy Duck, Miso Black Cod & Drinkable Perfumes: How international level Panasian Finedining came to Zurich & St.Moritz

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