Looking for a spontaneous table in a great Restaurant, perhaps one you have not visited before, for dinner 'tonight'? 

Sometimes can be hard to quickly come up with a nice place, and often the 'nice places' are already all sold out (especially on weekends)  calling around trying to find a table can be a bother - and surfing through websites of restaurants checking the locations is time consuming. 

So I was really happy to hear about this new Dining concept which is designed to help out in exactly that situation I needed to try it out. 




Working with a few selected Restaurants in Zurich - all of them of approved quality and very different styles Katzentisch has a nice & varied book of places one can go for dinner. Easy going to fancy places - each spot is presented on the page with a short review and pictures - so you are saved the time of googling and checking out websites of Restaurants. The Page is easy to navigate and the Places are presented well - showing the 

Concept: Every day at 3pm all the available tables of the participating Restaurants are put online on the Website - you can choose from any of them and will find a short description about each place to help you choose the right one in case you don't know the location yet. I found the description helpful, and I found that especially the places that I already knew where described accurately - providing an honest impression of the location. I was impressed with the selection of restaurants, all of them being places I could absolutely recommend. 

Heres just an Outtake of Places I really like which are taking part: 

AURA, COCO (my favourite), Kaufleuten, Au-Gust, Modissa Rooftop, Giesserei & Helvetia

All of these places I have visited and I really like them - none of the participating places is a location I wouldn't recommend. Some of the Places on the List are even places that I have wanted to visit for a long time: like Fischers Fritz, Quai 61 and Rüsterei. 


So when I went for testing I was really hoping to get the chance to test a 'new' spot - my favourites being Quai 61 and Fischers Fritz - as these are lakeside locations and the weather is beyond stunning at the moment. 

I was a bit anxious that they would not be available so I checked in right at 3pm sharp and was super lucky to get a place at Fischers Fritz for 8pm - (when I checked back at 15.04 all the tables where gone - so I guess you need to be super fast if you want to secure your favourite spot) - this kind of makes it exiting too though. 

So once you find the table that you want to reserve, you can do it directly via the website and the process is super easy. Slight downside is that you need to deposit your credit card info's straight away - making it a bit like a hotel or flight booking - and you need to basically commit yourself to the table. If you are going there with someone with a 'last minute cancellation' syndrome perhaps you want to organize yourself with a back up date :D 

But for organized and reliable people its fantastic - as Katzentisch also rewards your commitment with nice incentives and special treatment such as complementary glasses of Champagne upon arrival. For me fortunately everything went well and both me and my chosen company made it to the venue (albeit late) but we did make it. 



LOVE LOVE LOVE the place and need to go back super soon! I arrived late by half an hour (shame on me) so my table was passed on - but I was given a new one within 15 minutes which is absolutely amazing as the location was completely overpacked with people waiting. 

The location is so cute, a little fischers hut located right next to a camping spot right by the lake. Lit up nicely with candles, open fires in large metal bowls and open fireplaces - and OF COURSE the warm red light of the setting sun over the Zurich Lake - it does not really get better. I was in awe at the atmosphere - Everyone was chilled, guests talked to one another, the team was so friendly - cool, young people working there - really helpful and sweet. 

I was beyond exited to find my beloved COCO Crudite basket on the Menu & Artichoke (I am obsessed with Artichoke its one of my favourite things to eat, just the whole thing boiled, which is exactly what I received). I was also eyeing the food of the other guests - which all of it looked really good. Huge Schnitzel the size of a pizza, large Salads, Fischknusperli (my mom's favourite) made using local catches of the day - So Amazing! 

For Maincourse I had another thing which absolutely blew my mind - the Hot Stone! If you go there & you like grilled Meat or Fish you should definitely order it. We had 200g of Beef Filet served in one raw red piece (omg) along with a sizzling hot black stone. GRILL it yourself - I loved it! Watching the sunset was beautiful, and if it cools down in the evening blankets are ready to keep anyone from feeling chilly. 

& the health factor of my dinner?

Raw Vegetables, steamed Artichoke and low fat red meat - a straight 10/10 


KATZENTISCH is really a cool concept and I had a perfect experience. I can definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a sameday great dining experience. Re-visit a favourite place, or try something new - its cool & uncomplicated -

I say THUMBS UP for the CAT. 








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