When looking for that perfect, cozy, authentic breakfastplace in Istanbul where the setting feels like vacation and the food feels like home; Mangerie is your answer. 

Located hidden away on the third floor of an appartment building in Bebek it is a discovery that brings true joy to the hungry traveller. With a wide variety of choices from eggs benedict, to a bowl of fresh fruit salad, homemade muffins, breads and of course mouthwatering pancakes with any toppings and sides your heart could desire - it is the quality of the food that impresses. The most astonishing cappuccino i have ever seen - I actually found myself staring at the two brown cubes of sugar as they floated on the thick milk foam for minutes, before they finally disappeared from view. The selection of traditional foods is served simply, like on the family country home. The interior is an outstanding mix between selected designer pieces and thrown together vintage discoveries giving the Mangerie an authentic and stylish energy where one does not want to leave from but certainly wants to return to. The gorgeous view onto the Bosphorus caps off what is already perfect to start with. Definately one of my favourite Brunchplaces in the world.

Enjoy it :)



Mangerie Mangerie

Breakfast with a View- & without End - Welcome to the Brunchplace in Istanbul par exellence

RESTAURANTS 29 January 2014

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My Tales of a City which is breathtaking per definition

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