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The hugely successful restaurant group La Petit Maison has put it prominently on their doors and Menu's. Many Asian Restaurants I've visited, such as Zuma, Nobu, Hanami in Oslo, and Alice Choo in Zurich have applied it as standard concept. A concept with a long tradition and history in many cultures. The Lebanese and Turkish kitchen traditionally serve 'Meze' as an appetizer before large scale meals, in Marocco the 'assortment of morroccan Salads' - which is basically the same as meze - is a popular starter dish. The Spanish have Tapa's and in Japan, small sharing dishes are actually being served to accompany the sake-drinking activity to enhance the flavours of the sake - this custom is called Izakaya

In Italy, meals amongst family and friends at one large table - una Tavolata - are held to celebrate eating as a social gathering, even the Swiss Romansh practice a tradition of the 'Tavlada' as an eating culture. 

In Western culture a more formal way of eating dinner has been dominating the hospitality business for almost over 150 years now - dictating the right sequence of courses and the simultaneous service of dishes to each participant of a table. Difficult to orchestrate for both kitchen and guests, and frankly - a rather stiff affair. Of course I enjoy a fully formal dinner with an orchestra of cutlery on my table and a starched white table cloth - but sometimes I also just want to sit back and ENJOY Food without maintaining that stiff upper lip. 

SHARING PLATES are taking us away from that - its a mini buffet on a table - to be shared by all. A more intimate and informal way to eat. Instead of having one serving of one dish, a selection of dishes are served, providing more choice to try. A plattform for tasting and discussing the food is created and food becomes the talking topic. 




Alice Choo - indisputably the best Asian Restaurant in Zurich right now, based on a sum of relevant factors - quality in food, innovation, modernity, atmosphere and entertaintment. Alice Choo is dark, loud but classy. The drinks and the dancers are colourful, the food innovative and the team young, fun & welcoming. My favourites on the Menu bring the Crispy Duck Salad, the Ceviche and the Salmon Teriaki. Meat Lover's have the chance to taste amazing cut of Kobe Beef Grade 11+ and if you like Tuna - the Big Eye Tuna Chutoro Sashimi is a must!

Alice is passionate about taking the asian dining experience to the next level, and looking to take over the town. I heard that Alice is already planning her next coup - so stay tuned for news!

ALICE CHOO - Limmatstrasse 275, 8005 | +41 44 448 11 11


MOUDI - best lebanese in town! Fusing creativity, ambiance and quality in food aswell as design. The four Founders decided to share the cuisine and flavours that they grew up with in a contemporary and innovative way. Casual Lebanese Fusion Foods such as a Meze Burger and lovely pink beetroot flavored Hummus on the Menu along with Kafta (lebanese Beef Kebab)  and the widely popular taboulé, fattouche (my favourite), kippeh and falafel (warning: after you tried this falafel you will never again order it at New Point) are of course available aswell to share. 

MOUDI's has two locations - a small cafe in town right by Schanzengraben for lunch breaks and afternoon coffee's, as well as a beautiful garden location in district 6. I suggest you try both. 

MOUDI - Brandschenkestrasse 5, 8001 Zürich | +41 44390 13 14

MOUDI's Lecker Cafe - Kronenstrasse 48, 8006 Zürich | +41 43 810 03 45

MOUDI's Lecker Garten - Winterthurerstrasse 86, 8006 Zürich | +41 44 361 13 93

BEBEK - casual local-oriental food in a grand, urban designed location. BEBEK takes its name from a city district in Istanbul, serves turkish cuisine 7 days a week from early till late. Wether its breakfast, lunch afternoon or dinner - BEBEK is always packed and eating there is always fun and easy going. With a lebanese, a turkish and a greek Chef in the Kitchen, Bebek fuses oriental flavours to a great eating experience. 

Cafe Bebek - Badenerstrasse 171, 8003 Zürich | +41 44 297 11 00


JOSEF - 'eating adventures in moderne cuisine'

This cute restaurant in District 5 lives up to its credo by completely abandoning the custom of the maincourse. Instead implementing a creative concept of ordering, where guests can decide how many courses they like to eat at a fixed price (for example 3 plates at CHF 51) and then can choose any 3 dishes from the menu. The food is ideal for sharing and the dishes always deliciously creative and seasonal. Josef is fun, modern uncomplicated and highly popular. Be sure to make a reservation if you are planning to go. The team is super friendly and forward thinking. Josef is one of the first places to offer mobile payment through the TWINT app. So all you need to bring is your smartphone and appetite. 

Restaurant JOSEF, Gasometerstr. 24, 8005 Zürich, +41 44 271 65 95


GEORGE - The cosmopolitan NY penthouse style location above the Casino does not only have perhaps the city's grandest bar and amazing terrasse view; its a great place for food sharing aswell. Differing slightly from the other named locations because the dishes served are not severall small ones. Instead theres an amazing surf and turf plate with oysters and fois gras, or a huge cut of beef (500g to 1kg) served on a 'grill' in the center of the table up for sharing. A large selection of side dishes, such as the popular truffled french fries or roasted vegetables round off the eating experience. 

GEORGE Bar & Grill - Sihlstrasse 50, 8001 Zürich | 044.444.50.60




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