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New Week starting is the perfect opportunity for new FOOD resolutions. I get a lot of emails of people asking me for Diet tipps - so here are a few. But instead of telling you what you should eat - I am going to tell you what you should NOT do - giving you the freedom to follow your own preferences within those guidelines. We are all different & we all have different needs & tastes also when it comes to food. So I really do not believe in telling someone what exactly they should eat unless I have run an analysis on a personal basis which requires time. I can however share some tipps on what will make any diet fail! So here they come -


my TOP 10 Diet Mistakes: 


1. Croissant & Cappuccino - the diet guide would tell you to replace the croissant with a wholegrain bread because croissant contains a lot of fats. However if you eat your wholegrain bread with butter - you are back at the same spot. So if you LOVE croissant - go for it. But don't have anything else with it. Black coffee (with a little milk) or Tea is okay. But skip the Cappuccino and the orange Juice. Have the orange Juice two hours later as a 10am snack instead. If you LOVE Cappuccino - try to have only that with perhaps a piece of chocolate, small bread or preferrably fruit. 

I do: I have usually Cappuccino for breakfast and nothing else. If I don't feel like the cappuccino I will eat a Yogurt, some fruit or a smoothie. But whatever I decide to eat - I always choose one thing rather than combining different foods. I'd rather get a second portion if I am still hungry than having 4 things at once. Same goes for my snacks - I always eat just one thing (of course a fruit salad is completely fine) but I never mix fruit, chocolate, granola, bread & cheese etc. Combining foods is generally very difficult on diets and tends to make them less effective. So just take a moment to reflect - and choose what it is you feel like eating most. 


2.Cookie - Cookies Recipes are made up of a very diet unfriendly mix consisting of a lot of butter, refined sugar and flour - the three foods you should be avoiding on diets - its like everything you should not eat combined in one. If you do really find yourself in need of this sweet diet sin - here is my Diet Cookie LAW: one is none - two is one too much. 

I do: I usually like to eat one small cookie with my coffee (small meaning like that complementary 10g cookie, cantucci or chocolate that comes with the coffee) - that is it as far as cookies go for me. When on a party or just being offered a homemade one that looks really nice I might have it. But I absolutely NEVER buy them in the supermarket. Even when I am not on a diet. 


3. Sandwich - The combination of Bread with Cheese, Butter or Meat is pretty lethal regarding diet results. It kills them. So absolutely steer clear of the Sandwich, Pizza, Piedina & co. Burgers & Kebabs are okay if you eat them without the bread.

I do: Yeah, what you see on the picture is only half the truth, Sorry! I love to eat Burgers- but always without the bun. I'd rather have cheese or egg on top of it. As a side I always have a Salad. NO FRIES!!! Btw. what I am showing you below is the NEO Double Whopper Burger - the best burger in town. Go check it out - remember to skip the bread though :D 


4.Fried Food - Chips, French Fries, Tempura, Schnitzel are absolutely TABU when you are on a diet! Especially anything deepfried. Watch out at Chinese Restaurants, they like to fry everything. Chicken Sweet Sour - the chicken is fried, springrolls & wan tans - fried, fried rice? Well... take an educated guess. Go for the steamed dishes instead - edamame, rice, dumplings are great. In general anything you see in a recipe, in a restaurant or at the supermarket which says 'crispy' on it - is deep fried - HANDS OFF.  Choose grilled, boiled, steamed, roasted, baked or raw dishes instead. 

I do: I basically do not eat deep fried foods ever - even when I am not on a diet. Deep Fried food is just not part of my lifestyle. I prefer to bake my own vegetable chips or potato wedges. I sometimes do stir fries or pan fry a meat - but then I am extra careful to use just a minimum of oil or fats. When making stirrs for example I like to use a tiny bit of peanut butter instead of oil. When marinating a piece of meat with oil I keep in mind how much oil I need to apply to my whole body after the shower or during massage. Then I place this amound in proportion to the tiny piece of meat in front of me. You actually only need a tiny tiny amount of oil in cooking. Most people tend to use WAY too much. 


5. Salad Trap - NEVER eat more than 40ml (thats about 1 average shot glass full) of Salad Sauce. 100ml of a Salad sauce can contain around 400kcal making it heavier than a McDonalds burger or a chocolate muffin - about 80-90% of the calories inside a salad derives from its sauce and about half of those calories derives from fat. Turning the - otherwise so healthy raw food salad dish - into quite a heavy fatty dish. So be super extra careful with the sauce.

I do: I always order my sauces separate in Restaurants & will eat max. half of the given portion. 


6. Chocolate: Not more than 25g of Chocolate a day. That is around 1 row off a 100g bar or most small individually wrapped chocolates (always check packaging). I recommend to buy a premium chocolate from a fine food store or chocolatier - they contain more taste and are more satisfying and fresh than a standard supermarket chocolate bar. The same applies to nuts by the way - not more than 25g of nuts. Its worth it to weigh them because it can be hard to tell. If you are unsure just avoid them - nuts may be healthy - but they are extremely ultra nutritious so they very easily deceive you and disrupt your diet. 

I do: I eat 25g of chocolate every day. My favourites are dark flavours with either caramel, fleur de sel or chili components. I also like the combination with raspberries, cranberry or cherries. 


7. Olive Oil:  In Restaurants - especially italian restaurants - the olive oil & balsamico are often placed ready on the table for you to use at any time of the meal. DON'T USE IT please. Hands off, if you are too tempted - ask them to take it away. Remember the comparison to how much oil you need to apply to your whole body surface, and keep in mind that there is already oil inside the dish. 

I do: To add flavour to my dish I like to use Balsamico, Lemon, Salt & Pepper - but never oil. On the contrary I always ask my food to be prepared with minimum oil. Because I hate to look at dishes that are floated by a pool of oil. 


8. Breadbasket: Its normal to find a bread basket of complementary bread on the table at any meal. Hands off! Again if you are tempted - ask them to take it away. You may gladly have a piece of bread at dinner again - once your diet is over. As long as you are on a diet the only time to have bread is if you are only having a bread as breakfast or snack - not next to dinner. 

I do: I eat a piece of bread every now and then if I am not on a diet. But still then I try to avoid it as often as I can. 


9. ‘On the Go’ Food: eating in a hurry, while you are standing, or even walking - while you are in the car or train - is very unhealthy. Not only diet wise but also psychologically. Food is something valuable which deserves time to be enjoyed. You should take those 15 minutes to sit down and eat. Eat slowly - chew extensively. Focus on the flavour and remember that your digestion begins with chewing. In fact chewing is a big factor of any detox diet - the saliva is essential to help clean the digestive tract. 

I do: As I am in a rush a lot this is one of the hardest points for me to keep - & I admit I sometimes break it. But I consider it a super important one and I am working very hard to keep my Fails to a minimum. 


10. Late EAT: after going out we tend to get hungry in the morning hours when we are ready to go home. With all the fast food stands & bakeries open the temptation is high. SKIP THEM - go home, drink one litre of water and go to bed. Dream of the nice brunch you will have the next day. 

I do: with very few exceptions (perhaps twice a year) I keep this rule. I prefer to have a breakfast the next morning & go for sports. Its the best thing to get me back on track.



So my dears - I know its sometimes impossible to 100% follow through with a diet. Which is why I shared this list so that you know what NOT TO DO in the future. Most important of all - every successfull diet starts TODAY - right NOW! Not Tomorrow. If you are unhappy with the way you look or feel - start changing NOW!


Wish you a great day & good luck with reaching your target  

big kiss



Photocredit: Andrea Monica Hug & David Biedert 


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