"You got to try them all!!" 


If you wanna know whats new and upcoming in the local beverage industry the best way to get the full update is by visiting a beverage tasting event. I am always interested in new and upcoming F&B names - with the health trend on a constant move forward the newbies on the shelves are likely to contain less refined sugar & artificial additives in favour of containing more beneficiary ingredients that upgrade your diet. The new lemonades roll up with ingredients like the superfood and chinese power herbal remedy schizandra instead of a blast of citric acid & caffeine. 


So I regularly try to visit such events just to get a perspective on whats potentially available in stores in the near future. Exited to discover ginger beers that are completely free from artificial ingredients, or cold brewed coffee locally filtered for up to 26 hours, locally produced gins & liqueurs as well as just exiting new combinations and creative packaging. Walking through the Kaufleuten Lounge on a hot summer evening and browsing the abundant diversity of products feels like stepping into a bubble of liquid ideas. 



So what stood out? Here are my favourites: 


Cold Brewed Coffee - the first thing I ran into: perfect for the current hot days - cold brewed coffee. Locally and ethically produced using beans from Ethiopia. The team and company is new, the idea not much older. But the makers did visit the local farmers in Ethiopia where the coffee is harvested and are proud to tell the story of the origins of their coffee. Big Thumbs up for that initiative! 

White Dust - Elderflower Schizandra Lemonade - Swiss Lemonade - a refreshing lemonade with a delicate taste. Its an option that provides a bit of sugar for renewed focus and concentration during the day without giving you a sugar blast that will have you craving for more! 'Low' Calory is the new 'Non' Calory - because it gives us the best of both worlds. Containing just as little sugar as coconut water, its a soda with great mixing potential too. It was the first drink I had in my hand when I arrived because I was looking for a light refreshment to start my tasting tour. I shot the very first campaign pic last summer, so White Dust & I go way back to the roots, and I am happy to watch the brand grow and develop. 

To give the limo a bit of extra spice I hopped over to local gin makers Turicum Gin - where an array of the 12 herbs used to brew & distill the gin were on display: including Lindenblüten from the Lindenhof (now thats LOCAL) going all the way to some exotic madagascan pepper whose name I was not even able to reciprocate on paper. I has a sip of my White Dust lemonade and then filled that up with a shot of Turicum directly into my glass bottle. My favourite way to enjoy a drink currently. 


Rebel Milk was another favourite downstairs. I already knew the vegan product from my local organic food shop shelves, but i never got round to trying all the variations there so I was super to try them - and they were all really delicious. I get so happy when I see the tasty vegan alternatives to diary taking over - such a great movement!


It took me a good three hour of culinary journey through all the different stations and tasting such an abundance of new flavours. I like to spend regular time looking up new products, and whenever I discover something that I like I write it down in my booklet, photograph it and collect the contacts of the person there. I don't know why the beverage industry is so hesitant in taking on new products when there are so many wonderful ones out there that the public would love to discover. When it comes to drinks I think we all love to try new things, and I often feel bored with the familiar selection available in restaurants and in retail.  

Most of the novelties I discovered are only available as specialized beverage shops or to order online unfortunately, but I will smile the moment I spot a familiar and liked product in a selection, shelf or menu around town. 


photocredits: http://www.danielpochetti.com 


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