Z U R I C H  S A L A D S 

Where to get your hands on the best bowls of this healthy green stuff :D 


Salad is maybe the most versatile and misconcepted dish out there. It enjoys a good reputation: is believed to be a healthy choice. This is not always the case though. Lots of salads I see in restaurants are composed in a way that makes them actually very fatty and heavy due to bad combinations of ingredients and heavy dressing. The base 'lettuce' may be lean, but once you start piling on the cheese, french dressing, olives, egg, croutons, bacon, avocado and what not  the nutritional frame of the dish will soon burst the one of a burger. 

On the other hand I see lots of restaurants that just include salad in their menu's as a pathetic little plain starterplate. Just lettuce thrown lovelessly on a plate and drizzled with some sauce: definitively not enough to be a meal. Definitely not suitable for salad eaters - especially since the service will most likely oggle you like an outcast if you dare to ask for a bigger portion of salad. The 'is this all your having' remark is both annoying and deplaced. Fact remains: Not every Restaurant understands the needs and wishes of todays exploding population of the salad nation (that I coun't myself to be a member of). Salad Nation are not people who ONLY consume salads - they are those people who just enjoy to have a big bowl of fresh raw lean & tasty ingredients as a meal, especially for lunch, every now and then. 

So where can we go? I've searched around town a bit for my favourite spots to get a good, decent size, delicious raw plantbased meal with delicious & creative powerfood toppings. To eat there or to go :) 



the Concept - Choose a base and choose some ingredients & dressing of your choice - a customized Salad fitted to your taste. 


GÄRTNEREI: I was really impressed with Gärtnerei. Very lean, healthy ingredients & preparation. The ambiance is friendly, the choice of toppings varied, seasonal and fresh. I especially loved that they had raw broccoli as a topping. Few people know that raw broccoli is super tasty & healthy, plus a great vegan protein source too. The hummus based dressing was vegan - making my choice at Gärtnerei a fully vegan one. I'll definitely be back. 


Jack&Jo's: JJ is not a salad only place - they have burgers, wraps and fries too. But the personal salad option is really fantastic with also here an abundance of healthy superfoods as topping choices such as edamame, pomegranate seeds, kale, raw fennel. The highlight at JJ is the Wasabi Sourcream dressing - perhaps one of my favourite salad dressings I can think of. I catch myself getting a salad at JJ sometimes just because I am in the mood for that creamy spicy dressing. 


Martha's Salad: 'Support your Local Farmer' is the credo of this cute salad bar that is mainly designed for take-away salads. Its a more carb loaded option with less variety. Basically you can choose either 3 or 5 types out of a total of around 8 to 10 daily changing pre prepared (and marinated) salads. So this choice is not as lean as the two other ones mentioned above. Over half of the options consisted of potato salad, lentil or rice salad rather than the leafy greens and veggies that are supposed to make out 2/3rds of an ideal plate distribution. But its tasty, portion is good, it keeps you full and the homemade ice teas are nice. Ideal for guys with higher carb goals than ladies or for on gym days. I LOVE the fact that Martha's Salad uses only local and regional ingredients as I am a huge supporter of the Farm to Table movement. 




These healthy cool spots offer a menu of fixed Salad Combos to eat in or take out. 


Roots and Friends: Definitely one of my favourite Lunch & Juice Places in Town. Great portions, very tasty recipes prepared in a light and fresh way using lots of herbs, mint and fruity bits for seasoning. Not only great, healthy & tasty food though - the team is friendly, and the vibes are great. Only downside: around lunchtime it is absolutely PACKED - so I prefer to come in early at around 11.30 or after 13.30 when the rush has passed. Luckily Roots serves its delicious food all through the afternoon until closing time at 20.00 making it a great choice for a take home dinner after a busy working day aswell. As the Roots Salads are all consisting of a good carb base I recommend to go for the small portion. It usually fills me up for some hours so I think the large portion is more than my nutritional needs. 


Be.Good: Located at Langstrasse, this place too offers healthy fresh made salads. Unfortunately the vibe here is not that friendly. When I visited the girl even told me to 'add chicken to my salad to make it look nicer for the picture' - that is not the most sensible reason for meat consumption that I have heard. Also they got my order wrong twice, and then put it in a take away box rather than the plate that I asked for. When I asked for it to be changed, my request was met with slight eye rolling rather than an apology, and this despite me being the only person in the shop at that moment. Anyways - no hard feelings - the salad was tasty, fresh, lean and I would go back just for that. As a takeout option if you are in the area its definitely a good option!



These names are not 'take out' places, but just good salad spots that are great to visit when looking to share a meal with a health conscious friend. Have all the comfort of being served in a restaurant and still indulge in 'guiltfree' eating. 

Juice Market: Such a classic! I come here with my mother a lot, even by myself sometimes. Its also open all through the afternoon, so perfect even for a late 3pm lunch (like mine usually are). My favourite is the basic salad with the salt baked potato. Theres different toppings to choose from: Chili con carne, Fresh cheese or curry. Its a great portion and just an overall perfect balanced healthy meal. Located very central right by Rennweg. 

Fischers Fritz: The Lakeside Summer Location that serves amazing huge salad plates with choice of falafel, baked mushrooms, chicken wings or crispy fish nuggets (made using local caught fish from the lake). In fact all ingredients from Fischers Fritz are of swiss origin making it another one on my 'Farm to Table' list of places to support! Besides the Salad, make sure you get the COCO vegetable basket for 2 people to share aswell - it is a divine raw healthy choice of crudites and any clean eaters dream! The Artichoke is amazing too - as is the view on the lake - its just generally one of my favourite places for summer

HATO: Its known as the fancy tasty asian Restaurant in town. The 'Hakkasan' or 'Nobu' of Zurich - not the traditional salad place. But HATO does have some amazing asian flavour salads on its menu that are suitable as a main course or as a starter to share. Like the Crispy Duck Salad (which exists as a Vegan Tofu version - trust me you won't notice that its not duck!) but also the mixed summer tomato avocado salad, spinach wasabi green apple salad or the avocado crab salad are great healthy dishes to order for a 'clean fine dining' experience. 



So these are my current leafy food favourites - if you know of any other great Salad place in town, please share with me :)  

I am always happy to discover more healthy food places to share here! 









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