6 Great Documentaries about Food 

I really enjoyed watching & whose message I generally agree with. If I tried to speak about each of these topics here on the Blog, I could never do such a good job as each of these movies does, which is why I decided to share them directly along with some comments. 

So I am just going to List them for you! They target different aspects about Food but they all speak about Clean Eating and Whole Food: which is the Food Approach that I use. I recommend them all to watch to gain awareness about the topic of Food, to help build consciousness and adapt a healthier lifestyle. 


Food Industry & Processed Food - NO. 1,2,4

Environmental Aspect of industrial Agriculture - NO. 1 & 2

Obesity - 3 & 4

Role of Exercise - 3 & 4

Diabetes & Sugar - 4

Value of Home Cooking - 5

Wholefood Philosophy in Haute Cuisine - 6 


Each of these Films is different - lights up and shows a different aspect of the way we treat and perceive food today. From the question of how to feed growing low income populations, appreciating the cultural significance of food, all the way to perceiving the preparation of Food as an Art. 

In total these 6 Films provide a holistic overview on our Food Situation and Attitude today. A heavy meat eater should definitely watch films 1 & 2, whereas a radical vegan who regards eating meat as 'unnatural and inhumane' should definitely watch films 5 & 6 which show a very natural and respectful way of handling meat. 

My opinion is a very clear one - avoid the food industry (this includes processed soy products) and choose naturally farmed products whereever possible (including animal products in moderation). 

Hope you enjoy them! If you know any great food movies please feel free to share them in the comment box below

Have Fun! 



1. FOOD INC.  - "You'll never look at dinner in the same way"

A documentary about unsustainability of the Food Industry as a whole.

This academy award nominated documentary examines the unsustainability of modern day food production and industrial agriculture. The documentary starts out by taking a focus on the meat industry, but later moves on to grains and vegetables aswell, taking a focus on corn and soy. The film also talks about food labelling regulations, and the economic as well as legal situations of the farmers. The film also speaks up about contaminated food, antibiotics and use of chemical pesticides. 

I really like the fair and wholesome approach of this documentary on the food industry. It shines a light on the situation as a whole: Showing up that as soon Food is produced to maximise sales and profits - values, ethical standards and sustainability is long lost on the way. Watching this documentary led me to shop local products whenever possible, and it has greatly increased my readyness to spend more money on higher quality premium, local and organic food products. 

Available on Netflix 



2. COWSPIRACY - "The Film that Environmental Organizations don't want you to see"

A groundbreaking documentary uncovers the environmental impact that factory farming has on our planet today.

investigating why the world’s leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it.Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, water consumption and pollution, is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry, and is a primary driver of rainforest destruction, species extinction, habitat loss, topsoil erosion, ocean “dead zones,” and virtually every other environmental ill. 

The documentary, co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, is not about clean eating or healthy diet: this documentary takes focus on the environmental aspects of the meat production industry. This film was a major triggers that led me to rethink and reduce my meat and animal product consumption and to adopt the macrobiotic lifestyle. It is also the reason why I promote and post a lot of vegan alternatives and recipes, despite me not actually being fully vegan. I support veganism because of the terrible environmental effects that the animal farming industry has on our planet today. It has led me to consume only local, organic animal products that were farmed sustainably & keeping my animal product consumption to a minimum. - available on NETFLIX 



3. FAT SICK & NEARLY DEAD - the story of a 60 day Juice Fast, in an environment littered by fast food 

An Australian guy tells his story about coming to the US to fast for 60 days living only on Juice. Following his journey of transformation that takes him accross America from being a (literally) sick bulk bellied middle aged guy to being a fitter healthier guy with no need to take any regular medication and steroids. On his journey he encounters and speaks to individuals and confronts them about their (fast) food habits. 

This documentary is excellent to demonstrate the radical changes that a strong diet & lifestyle change has on a human being. How it positively affects energy and happiness levels of a person. Its very inspiring to watch positive transformation that the protagonists undergo, and really demonstrates that a clean diet is tied to a happy and optimistic personality. - available on NETFLIX & to stream online

Full Movie on Youtube: 


4. FED UP - "Congress says Pizza is a Vegetable"

This film focuses on obesity and diabetes in children, and investigates on who is responsible. The film mostly consists of quotes from children expressing their wish to loose weight, their (mostly equally overweight) parents looking for excuses as to who else is to blame for their childs overweight. The film also questions the role that goverment, laws and regulations plays in this issue and explains about the issue of consuming too much refined sugar. 

I was shocked by the negligence on the side of politicians and parents in regard to childrens diets. The missconceptions that are around as to what is 'healthy' and the ignorance towards the fact that most foods contain added sugar. I have, since childhood, been made aware by my parents to check every product for 'added' sugars - perhaps this is one of the key reasons as to why I am not overweight today. I realize that the parents and upbringing plays a crucial role in a childs life and future. For me - since childhood I am aware that there is white sugar in Ketchup, Salad Sauces and Toast (even some PASTA) - but it seems most people are still completely oblivious to that fact. This documentary is very much worth a watch to build awareness about the food industry and the hidden problem of refined SUGAR being added to most of our food messing up our metabolism and insulin levels: resulting in cravings and sloth. I also speaks about the role that exercise plays in achieving and maintaining fitness and health. 

Available on NETFLIX and to stream online




4. COOKED - How preparing Food is rooted in our Culture & Heritage back to DAY 1 of human kind

A four episode Series focusing on the most basic ways of preparing real food. The series’ four episodes each centers on one of the physical elements used throughout the history of cooking: fire, water, air and earth. The Documentary takes us inside the essential processes that take place in preparation and how strongly they are rooted in our culture and habits.

The Documentary initiates by exploring the hypothesis: that Humans actually became human, when an ape learned how to cook. Highly interesting documentary about food, well balanced, informative approach on the topics of processed foods vs. self (home) made food and the culture of eating. 

I liked this series for showing a balanced, beautiful approach to real food and hot to prepare it. 

My favourite Episode was the second one Water - which includes some amazing flashbacks on how the processed food industry originally came up, and how the 'fake' food was sold to the consumers through clever advertising. 

Available on NETFLIX 



5. CHEF'S TABLE - Inside the lives and kitchens of six of the world’s most renowned international chefs.

I could not imagine a better way to portrait a Chef than the way it is done in each of these six Episodes in the series. The Documentary really shows how much more there is to being a leading chef than what is on the plate. Theres a story, a vision, and so much personality - so much emotions that go into the food that they make. 'You need to respect what you cook' a quote by one of the portraied Chef's Francis Mallmann in the series, especially stuck with me. 

This Documentary Series is really a hommage to the excellence and strong vision that goes into becoming a great chef. It also tells the story of their personal struggles and stories that has led them to who they are today. Its a motivational Series about following a vision, and having the courage to being unique, true to onerself and going new paths. 

A must watch for anyone interested in haute cuisine. I have watched the series several times. 

Available on NETFLIX




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