There are more benefits to juice cleansing than reducing body fat. In this Blogpost I'm going to share with you why even a very lean person can benefit from a Cleanse.  

I had just come out of 2 tough weeks of back to back jobs & shoots. The heavy scheldule had left me with little time for proper eating, and resulted in a snack and salad diet that had already unwantedly caused me to loose some weight. It also left me stressed, with sensitive skin from all the products and constant heavy make-up (changes) from the shoots - I felt exhausted, at the same time I had trouble sleeping. I didn't know what to do with myself. 

I had heard of the Detox Delight Juice programms earlier on already and had tried one or two of their juices and vegan snacks on previous occasions. It was actually the vegan kale chips from Detox Delight that got me into making my own kale chips, which I am eating almost every day now and have moved popcorn from my number 1 spot as a movie snack. What appealed to me most about Detox Delight is all the balanced information and the different alternatives to cleansing that they offer and describe on their homepage. From the 5:2 cleanse - where you eat your regular diet on 5 days a week and do a detox programm on 2 days - to vegan snacks and meal prep plans, soups, juices and nutmilks: Detox Delight really offers a lot of variety and customizable options to suit every need. 

What I needed after my two weeks of sporadic, opportunity snacking and eating was not so much a 'restrictive' detox program - what I needed was a detox. Plenty of nutrition, alkaline based foods and plenty of fluids. All my snacking had made my diet fatty and high in sodium - plus there was the one too many glasses of wine & cocktails mixed in between. I felt tired and sluggish - at the same time my weight was low and I had barely worked out. I needed this reboot - this energy kick. I know from years of past experience how significantly the right nutrition influences our mood, concentration & energy levels - so I was literally craving that healthy food and hydration. These 'positive' emotional effects are I think why people become so hooked on healthy eating. 

I was looking forward for my juice package by detox delight to arrive, yet I did not plan to eat (drink) just that - I stocked my fridge with veggies and fruits, alkaline based foods, bananas & dates - made sure my NutriBullet was all ready and working - to start my cleansing days. 

To keep my nutrition at a higher level, as I was already low in weight, I made sure to add plenty of banana, dates, berries and even millet or oatmilk to my juices. I didn't always wait two hours between each juice - more like 1.5 hours between juices - so basically I was drinking the whole day. It was nice - I felt positive effects only. No headache, no hunger, no bloating - nothing. Already on the second day I woke up more energized. By day 3 my digestion was running. Day 4 I was thinking - ok I think I can stop with the cleanse now because I feel back to normal. 

Bottom Line - cleansing is a great thing and has little to do with restriction. I encourage everyone to cleanse and to cleanse regularly. In addition to trying to maintain a balanced, plantbased and alkaline diet, every now and then especially after slip-ups or stressfull periods a few days of rebooting are amazing. 

I always drink lots of smoothies and juices, 1-2 a day actually when I am not travelling, and I would count them as the number one nutritional contributor to both my shape, wellbeing, motivation and high energy level.


'Restrictive Eating' has become almost a synonym for having an eating disorder nowadays. Even on social media, especially instagram and youtube, there are many influencers trying to tell people that there are ways to achieve body & fitness goals without restricting food. It needs to be noted however that every diet is restrictive in a certain way. Vegan diet is restrictive - because it restricts the types of food you can eat. Atkins diet is restrictive because of the same reason. Calory Counting is restrictive because it limits portions. It also needs to be noted that the human body is capable of handling this: I remember my high school biology class about the human metabolism starting out by the professor saying: the human body is made for interval phases of eating separated by long periods of involuntary fasting and extensive exercise. No where did it say that Mr. Flintstone needed his 3 meals a day. So I am opposed to demonizing that term 'restriction' when it comes to eating. Instead of calling it 'restrictive eating' I prefer to use the term 'moderate eating' in relation to my diet. 

Juice cleanses should not be suffering and starving - sure there is some 'moderate' restriction involved as is necessary with anything in life. In business, as well as privately we work with budgets, we work faithful to concepts and structures - its childish just to expect to be able to do anything you want without restraint and getting anywhere in life. Eating is the same - moderation is key - moderate restriction is what will give you results. Staying faithful to your plans and achieving your goals one step at a time. 

I loved the Detox Delight Juice Cleanses because they offered lots of Options for choosing a perfect Plan. 

Have a look at the link below to discover their program's juicing, snacking & vegan dinner options. Especially for someone who has never done a Juice Cleanse before, I think Detox Delight is quite a perfect introduction to discovering the clean eating lifestyle in an easy, accessible and gentle way. 

Happy Detoxing
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