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24 - G I F T - I D E A S

for Christmas 2015



My purpose of Christmas Season is a time and occasion to celebrate Love, to appreciate our Family and to show our appreciation by spending times together, sharing meals and making gifts. Sit together, sing together, write cards to one another, take the time and care to find & prepare small gifts - those are the gestures that make up the 'magic' of christmas time. 

To show my appreciation to you as a community and to thank you for all your support - I wish to share Christmas spirit with you by giving every day one gift that I think would make a great christmas gift. Its difficult at times to find suitable gifts for christmas - so one month ago I started collecting all the Products that I thought would make nice gifts - things that I would either love to receive, that I use already or that I think would make nice gifts for someone that I cared about. 

Each days gift is revealed daily on my Instagram Feed and every member of the community who wishes to receive it could just place a comment. At the end of the day I selected a 'Winner' by chance & mailed the gift to them in the hope that they would make great use of it. 

I thank all the brands who agreed to be part of this Project - without their support it would not have been possible. 


- Happy December - 




MY DECEMBER 2015 - A D V E N T  C A L E N D A R 



DAY 1 - Le Jardin de Monsieur Li - by Hermes

Description: "I remembered the smell of ponds, the smell of jasmine, the smell of wet stones, of plum trees, kumquats and giant bamboos. It was all there, and in the ponds there were even carp steadily working towards their hundredth birthday." 

Le Jardin de Monsieur Li, the fifth fragrance in the Jardin series from Hermès, is an aromatic citrus fragrance, reportedly inspired by a Chinese garden. 


DAY 2 - glorious lips lip care set by Swiss Smile 

Volume Building Transparent Lip Gloss
The prickly formula with capsicum extract makes lips appear instantly fuller and more sensuous and provides an alluring sheen.

Revitalising Lip Balm
This delicate formula with a touch of pink thoroughly regenerates and revitalises lips overnight. Dry and chapped lips regain their suppleness, while their natural protection is restored.

Moisturising Oxygen Booster
This intensely moisturising oxygen booster specifically supplies the delicate skin around the mouth with oxygen. The skin is refreshed, energised and aglow with youthful vibrancy.


DAY 3Hommage à l’Homme Voyageur - Men's Perfume by LALIQUE 

Wood, Ambra, Vanilla notes build this 'Tribute to the Traveller' Men's Fragrance. Earthy wooden tones make this fragrance a great gift for any gentleman. 


DAY 4 - Weihnachtszauber Truffles by Sprüngli 

Taste of Christmas - a festive Blend of Sprüngli Christmas Creations in flavors Cinnamon-Nut, Pistache, Cognac-Prune, Almond-Orange, & Zimtstern. This lovely golden Box of Swiss Chocolates is a perfect gift for any occasion. If you know that someone loves Chocolate - this is just the treat to get! 


DAY 5 - BVLGARI GOLDEA Women's Fragrance 

a tribute to the golden Goddess of Beauty and the Sun - this fragrance is sweetly divine. A perfect gift to charm the goddess in every woman. 


Day 6 - LALIQUE Saffron Scented Candle 

Scented Candles are such great gifts suitable to give on any occasions. A personal gesture, suitable as a present for dinner parties, or as tokens of appreciation towards office colleagues. Its a safe choice to show someone that you appreciate them. 


DAY 7 - Gold Shearling Boot by Amman Shoes

a Perfect for Snowy Winter days & Alpine Weekends a cozy golden Shearling Winter Boot. I think its a great & lovely practical present & I must admit I was a bit envious of giving it away. Thank You Amman Shoes for offering this lovely gift!


DAY 8 - Yoga Poncho in Red by Poncho Company 

This one size fits all is a great gift for Christmas: you don't run into the difficulty of not finding the right size, its a great motivation to strengthen those Fitspo New Years resolutions - plus its great & comfy to wear at home too. In bright cheerful red - this piece is guaranteed to be an eyecatcher in any Yoga Class. 


DAY 9 - Chloé Signature Fragrance for Women

Because Fragrances are just such great & popular gifts, here is another suggestion. This scent is a girly, fresh and summery one. Perfect to underline a happy upbeat personality and attitude in life. 


DAY 10 - Revita Lash Advanced Eyelash Serum 

Oh, every woman wants them - endless long fluttering lashes. Its the most understated way of being terribly sexy and irresistible. There are few classier symbols of femininity. This is a great gift among girlfriends or female family members. Guys should avoid this one - unless you want to sport some thicker lashes yourself. 


DAY 11 - Restaurant Au-Gust Breakfast Voucher for 2 Persons

This is probably one of my favourites. Breakfast for two - such an amazing Gift! Not only is the Breafast selection at Restaurant Au-Gust super delicious - by giving this gift you give a person more than a nice meal. You give them a nice time together with a loved one and what is more precious than that. 


DAY 12 - CURAPROX Black is the New White Dental Set

A black toothpaste that promises to make your teeth whiter using Carbon Technology. Besides being a yummy and effective mild toothpaste and great electrical toothbrush - this gift is also a fun one. Brushing your teeth with black instead of white? Aren't you curious too? I know I was before I got this dental innovation in my bathroom, and I've been using it ever since. 


DAY 13 - John Frieda Luxurious Volume

Winter Time can easily become 'bad hairday time' if you do not have the right products at hand. Dry, static, frizzy hair - and all these Christmas events, dinners and parties - it really can be quite ennerving. Which is why I am giving away a full set of John Frieda Luxurious Volume Hair Treatment - Shampoo, Styling Mousse and Hairspray: ensuring that your hair will not be flat, damp, dry or drizzy during Festive Season. 


DAY 14 - Hennessy Fine de Cognac

When invited to a Christmas Dinner Party a fine drop of alcohol is always a well appreciated gift. Cognac is versatile and makes great use when cooking aswell - especially festive recipe's are great with a touch of spirit. 



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