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It was around 3 weeks ago, when I attended a private dinnerparty in Geneva where a charming lady told me a little secret.

It was January and both of us where in the middle of our post Christmas diets - at the sight of the buffet we started to share and compare our "what to eat & what not to" lists, when she told me about this young Geneva based company (founded in 2012) called PRIVATE DETOX BOX that offered local, clean, juice detox programs. It sparked my attention and I wanted to know once and for all what this juice detoxing is all about. I don't believe it until I see or experience it - so thats why I like to satisfy my curiosity by JUST DOING THINGS myself. 

I took the name, started following their Instagram so get some impressions, and contacted them the following Monday. What I immediately liked about Private Detox Box is that they offered a wide variety of informations, an own Foodblog, as well as a selection of many different Food Programms to choose from, such as a Vegan based Foodbox, a lean Protein based Box or of course the Juice Boxes. When choosing a juice cleanse by Private Detox its possible to do a cleanse which is either based only on Juices (6x500ml a day) or a variation which consists of 4 juices daily, plus either a Dinner or a Soup. 

I chose the JuiceBox & Soup Programm because I felt that I could not completely go without at least one warm meal a day. 

I set a date to start my detox, and my Box of Juices was delivered to my house promptly on the day I had set to start my Cleanse. To be very honest, I expected that I would have severe difficulties in going through with this cleanse (even if I only tested it for the short & sweet period of 3 days) I just couldn't imagine to go without eating. I was happy to find a lot of tipps and tricks on the website of Private Detox Box - and whilst they encourage the detoxers NOT to snack - they do provide some options for healthy snacks in case of 'emergencies'. So I was relieved to find that to eat one apple in between or 20 almonds was okay. What the programm does stress though, is that I had to wait 2 hours between each juice and snack - hydrating myself with tea and water in between. I actually found this easy to do - it was only in the last half hour that I even started to get hungry, during which I just made myself a tea - and by the time I finished it the 'wait' was over. 


My Juice Day looked something like this 


In the morning I tried to wait until 10am to start my first Juice - before that I just drank Ginger Tea with a little bit of Honey. 

Drinking the first Juice from 10-11, waiting 2 hours and drinking the second Juice from 13-14, third Juice from 16-17, at 19.00 the last Juice and before going to bed at 22.00 the Soup. This way I did not go to Bed hungry at all, and I never really was hungry during the daytime either. It seemed much easier to pull off than I had ever hoped to imagine!

Thats the THEORY! I did conduct this Programm to 90% how its described above - but I will also here with you my


On the first day instead of my third Juice - I had an apple. In the evening I added some Peas to my Soup AND I had one piece of dark Chocolate  (10g). 

I am a big coffee addict, so on the second day I switched my first Juice for a small Cappuccino plus I ate a piece of dark chocolate LOL :D 

On the third day I did not Cheat - because it was the last day. 

The two leftover Juices from the switches I drank during day 4 :) 

After finishing the cleanse I started eating light foods again, such as vegetables and boiled chicken. 


This detox was so much EASIER than expected! I did not feel tired or cranky or hungry, I did not suffer. In just 3 Days I lost 2.5 Kg!!! & I felt great!


Now its over a week after finishing the Detox and there has been no JOJO effect at all - on the contrary. I am still drinking a lot of Juices (which I make at home now in my amazing blender & take with me to whereever I go) - I actually kept the bottles from Private Detox and use them to fill my homemade Juices into them in the morning. 

I am really happy with the results and can definately recommend this Detox Programm to anyone who wishes to cleanse. It made me feel good and effectively curbed my cravings for certain foods (I haven't touched bread or pasta in the past week, instead I stuck to potatoes, corn, chia, rice and co.) 

I still drink Cappuccino & I still indulge in Chocolate <3

theres just some things I can't be without :)



If you are considering to try this detox programm you probably are curious what it costs - its around CHF 50-60.00 a day - which I think is totally fine, because you have to eat anyways, and the amount of money we spend on food daily easily reaches this range. 

Also I feel its important to mention, that ALL juices are made without additives or preservatives, using local natural and organic ingredients - therefore being very CLEAN and even PALEO suitable. 

Private Detox Box also offers Corporate Lunch Delivery Service - bringing Detox to the Office :) 


When I told them about my Blog, the Team from PRIVATE DETOX BOX was also so kind to offer a discout code for my readers:

When ordering your JUICEBOX just enter the Code SYLDETOX10 to instantly receive a 10% discount :)


Big Thank you to the Team of Private Detox for the Experience & Results!


Happy Detoxing Dears!!!


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