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March 2016


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A customized Vegan Cleanse plan that gets you all the benefits from a Juice Fast - without being Hungry!


I definitely believe that my daily smoothies are responsible for managing to keep in shape, despite even eating out a lot. Even during festive days like Christmas & New Year - that one detox meal a day keeps me from putting on the pounds. On a normal basis one meal a day (either Breakfast or Lunch) consists of a large smoothie or alternatively a vegetable soup. Sometimes even two meals. But whereas my third meal on normal basis is always a 'solid' one - last week I  was finding myself in the circumstance where I wanted to be my leanest, so I decided to slip in a Vegan Detox Week to get things in shape. As it was a spontaneous decision, and I wanted to try and do everything homemade rather than signing up for a program. Of course thats more work - but also more flexibility to customize to my needs. Liquid, but not juice is what I wanted to do. I wanted to keep fibres and nutrients as well as some fats and proteins in my diet to keep it balanced, vitamin packed and gentle on digestion. 



I don't follow set recipe's when doing smoothies. I just start out by buying a lot of fresh ingredients that are in season at my local grocery store or at the local market. Then I follow my Recipe Formula and mix the smoothie ingredients according to my mood and what I've got available. None of this I've listed below - this is just the general guideline that I follow. 


Recipe Builder for my Smoothies: 


200g of Veggies (I mostly use Kale, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Celery or Fennel) sometimes combining 2 together

1dl of Juice (I use fresh pressed and not from concentrate - I prefer Vegetable juices like Beetroot or Carrot, but I use fruit juices too, my favourites being Pineapple, Prune or Coconut Water)

100g of fresh fruit or berries (any fruit is fine - can be frozen) 


Choose 3 of these options below: 

- 20g of dried fruits (I love fits, dates or mango) 

- 1 tbsp of raw unsweetened cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, acai powder or matcha / moringa

- 1 Teaspoon of Macrobiotic Grain or Seed (such as Millet, Poppyseed or Chia) 

- 50g of coconut cream or 50g of Avocado 

- 1 tbsp of an oil of your choice - I sometimes like to use either hazelnut or pistachio, almond or cashew oil - tahini or peanut butter works great too



- 1 tablespoon of either agave, maplesirup, date or birchsirup to sweeten

- 100g of Ice

- fresh herbs - like peppermint, ginger, basil or lemon zests & tbsp of lemon juice, hint of cinnamon or a scraped vanilla bean 


I always blend the Ingredients that are available and I mix according to what I am in the mood for - the mixture will give me around 6-700g of smoothie at around 300kcal. The Blend always contains a good amount of fibre due to the fresh fruit & veggies, plus plenty of vitamins. The juice helps it to blend and adds a natural sweetness. The Herbs, lemon or vanilla adds an extra edge of taste. The ground nuts coconut cream or avocado adds healthy fats and the seeds also adds a portion of complex carbohydrates, proteins & fats. 

I found this to be a really good composition that works really well for me. If you are considering to integrate smoothies you can start out with this formula and then adapt it to your preferences and needs. 




When I feel like a soup theres two options:

Option 1:

Clear broth with a variety of vegetables. I usually start with 1 litre of water and a base vegetable stock. Then I add 500g of vegetable and 2 Tablespoons of macrobiotic grain such as brown rice, millet, quinoa or buckwheat. I boil it all up adding some herbs and shot of vinegar, soy or fresh piece of ginger as I go. When its done I add 2cl (like a small shot) of a vegetable oil (I add this in the end because the heat can cause the complex fats to break down ruining the nutritious quality of the oil). My favourite oils are pistachio, sesame, avocado or a high quality organic cold pressed olive oil ( is one I discovered recently that I really like.  

Option 2: 

Boiling up 1kg of a vegetable such as cauliflower, broccoli or pumpkin with less water and pureeing it in the end creating a nice thick soup. I really love doing this too and I have actually started to use my blender to blend my soups recently. To this soup I also add 2cl of an oil when its done (pumpkin seed oil is fantastic) and sometimes a shot (4cl) of coconut cream. I add salt, pepper, onion, garlic, ginger or fresh mints & herbs again depending on my mood & whats available. I often check out other food blogs for flavour combination inspirations. I finish up by adding a tablespoon full of seeds to add some crunchy texture to my soup. 



Small pieces of 99% Chocolate (10g), or nuts, a fresh passionfruit or a piece of dried fruit is fine when you need it. Be intuitive about that - diet should not be about torturing yourself, or it wont work. I made Kalechips once during my week because I really needed something savory. As long as your food choice is healthy, vegan and clean and you keep the portion manageable its totally fine. 



Black Coffee is fine. I tried to substitute it with green tea or matcha as often as I could though. Sometimes I mixed it with Alpro vegan coconut milk which tasted amazing! If you need extra energy level you can make your coffee 'bulletproof' by adding a teaspoon full of coconut oil -> try it it works miracles! 



I did 5 days of this last week & it felt fantastic. Way easier for me than doing a juice only fast. I was not hungry in the evening, no headaches and no other side effects. I enjoyed lots of variety and was able to eat exactly what I was in the mood for. I enjoyed all the benefits of a cleanse - dropping 2 kg in 5 days and feeling great. I did not limit myself portion wise. I waited for 30minutes after a meal and if I still felt hungry I just made myself another smoothie. Most of the time I felt completely fine though - not even digging up much appetite. When the 5 days where over I was not even that crazy about going back to regular food. Now one week after I am still making two meals of my day liquid and its working really well for me. The time before easter is anyways an annual fasting time for me, and I am really enjoying being plantbased and feeling super hydrated. 



Stay active. During my whole 5 days I exercised daily, did stretching & kept moving. During Juice Cleanses or other fasts your body usually needs more rest. I found that with this one I did not need that, making it a suitable detox to do even with a demanding Job and hectic schedule.



Sometimes you are on the Go, hungry and no smoothie with you. The cool thing is that with this plan you have plenty of options to eating on the go. Vegan Soups at Restaurants are possible. Or you can buy some coconutwater or visit a Smoothie Place. I stopped by Jack & Jo's (Europaallee) and Roots and Friends (near HB) a couple of times during my Week to pick up a juice or smoothie on the Go. 


My Opinion on Juicing:

I do Juice Fasts once or twice a year. Private Detox Box, or HeyLife have been ones that I have tried and reviewed here on the blog & I've got another one coming up after Easter. For me, Juice Cleanses are more of a mental thing: to teach myself the art of restraint and self control. Plus I enjoy not having to think about food shopping & cooking clean (because yes that does take a lot of time as I like to always prepare everything fresh). So to sometimes have a break from that routine and 'reset' myself is cool. And its an opportunity to reset my pounds aswell - I think we are all abit familiar with the shy weightgain that seeps in to gently but loves to stick around. I found that Cleansing & Detoxing is really like cleaning dirty windows - if you do it right, it does make a difference.


#TAG# - share your smoothies & pictures with us by tagging them #smoothiecleanse for them to show up on here below. If you want to catch me doing smoothies at home on a day to day basis make sure to add me on Snapchat: SnapSylwina 


Thanks for Reading! 


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