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Zurich 26 October 2015

Monday BBQ Drum at Fischers Fritz Monday BBQ Drum at Fischers Fritz

Today was a Grill Monday as I followed an Invitation to be at Fischers Fritz to witness a new 'magic machiene' as it was called. I arrived under the fullmoon to a round of men gathered around a supersized red hot revolving grill taller than all of us. A real masterpiece - throning in the middle of us and grilling whatever we threw at it: Bacon, Ribs, Entrecote, Corn, Asparagus, fresh caugh Fish from the Zurich lake (my favourite) & even Clams! It was a grill fest par excellence. 


Grill and Champagne, lakeside in Fischers Fritz in October - not a bad way to spend a Monday Evening! 


We continued to inside the Fischers hut for a peculiar Wine Degustation where the Wine was covered in Aluminum Foil and we all got to taste two wines simultaneously. One was a significantly less expensive one than the other, or much older than the other. I am by all means no Wine Expert - but there where some Gentlemen at the table who where, and it was hilarious to watch how clueless they where. I think 'Wine Tasting' could be a great sujet for stand-up comedy. When people are given wines to taste with the etiquette hidden - it can start to sound a little bit like reading tarot cards. 


Even though I did not always know for sure what type of wine I had before my - the tasting certainly was the funniest one I ever attended.

Zurich 24 October 2015


Its the perfect occasion to introduce my new Journal Section. Where I will be sharing brief impressions of what happens in my daily life. Its my Diary - that I am sharing with all of you. 


This Month LAWSTYLE, a new Lawyers Magazine was published by MAXIM Editor Boris Etter, has been launched in Club ICON. 


I am honoured to have been featured inside the Magazine with my Tipps on 'Places to go' for Business Lunch.


The Magazine, which looks amazing, will start to be distributed next week. 


So if you see a copy somewhere, make sure to have a peek inside for my Story. 


Besides giving a small (I was so NERVOUS!) interview in front of everyone present at the Event, I also found out that ICON will be relaunching next weekend with a new concept starting Thursday & I think we all should definitely go & have a look!