'FAKE' High Maintenance

I actually consider Summer itself to be the best natural beautifyer - with that natural golden tan, sun & oxygen disinfected clear skin, beach hair, and beachy body - naturally exfoliated by sand... Life is but a dream when the air is warm and the sun is shining.

But sometimes reality feels less divine - stuck in office clothes, sweating, blouses sticking to the back, hair getting greasier by the hour, shiny face? Ring a bell? Summer Climate is not really a friend of corporate society life - summer does not go well with foundation, swimming pools are not the best friend of mascaras - lets face it, even the waterproof ones & sunlight really loves to irritate and redden shaved or waxed skin - ingrown hairs(?) ewww - honestly I do not even want to go there :O

So how can you avoid these blotchy beauty horrors?

The answer is pretty simple 

all you need is LESS! 

Skip the foundation, minimize the Make up, wear natural fibres & throw away your shaver - seriously #justdoit

Summer does not like concealers - Summer prefers to showcase your true and honest beauty. But of course there are some things that need fixing - but heres the easy simplest tricks on how to wake up looking like you #wokeuplikethis - effortlessly gorgeous. The most beautiful golden summer goddess version of yourself. 


IPL - Super Hair Removal using Impulsed Light

No one wants to strut the beach like a Yeti - okay its clear - the body hair needs to go. So does the stubble! Uncompromised smoothness is the only acceptable state in summer, and the answer to all that awful shower shaving is final solution to all those hairy situations: ByeBye Bad Hair - Hello IPL

IPL is a Life Changer - I am the biggest fan and completely addicted. Melanie Walther from Comme il Faut Esthétique does such a gentle & good job (& did I mention shes a sweetheart?) Since I started visiting her - she has become a valued friend, and I can genuinely recommend her practice to anyone looking for some Beauty Up Treatments with finest products and technology. Shes using the latest IPL technology that does NOT hurt at all (I usually am happily scrolling Instagram during the procedure) and even targets blond hair, like I have on my legs, YAY, and its super effective. Depending on each person it can take up to 10 Sessions - but afterwards you have the hairless goddess skin that you always dreamed of - forever!


Dental Care - where to get that perfect flashing smile

Its no secret that our teeth are a substantial part to making us look healthy and glowing! And lucky me to be treated by another true darling! Zahra Eram, owner of Eram Dental Health Clinic is such a charismatically beautiful and kind lady - who has recently opened a stunning spacious clinic for everything regarding dental health. Focusing on prophylactic toothcare, which is an attitude that I really value as its best to target a potential problem before it turns into an actual problem that needs fixing. Its really worth it just to visit her for a dental hygiene, because she gives so many valuable tipps on how to take care of your teeth on a daily basis, and offers best products for home use in her office. And if you want to keep your smile extra bright for Summertime you can go for the gentle in office Bleaching she offers - to make sure you flash a radiant smile all summer long (looks so great with that summer glow). I was really hesitant to try the bleaching, because I had one several years ago and ended up at home with such awful tooth pain and an absolute sleepless night. Zahra warned me that there would be some sensitivity, and I was fully prepared to break off the procedure the moment that I was in pain - but it was totally okay. A bit uncomfortable to be honest (but my teeth are extremely sensitive) but there was no pain at all. The result was amazing and I felt so much more confident when I smiled. With or without lipstick - my smile looks just worlds better and I have been receiving so many compliments for my 'radiant' expression. http://eram-dh.com/#willkommen


Lashes - Time to throw that sticky clotty black Mascara into the Zürisee (or Ocean, as you please)

Lash Extentions!!! Your answer to winning the battle over mascara clotted eyelashes and runny black disasters - forever! All it takes is a two week cycle to your Lash Beautician (its like doing nails) and your will no longer need to worry about having that dramatic eyeflutter that Mascara actually never quite manages to achieve. You want your lashes to look like in the Maybelline commercial? Well... Maybe its not Maybelline - Maybe its actually Xtreme Lashes that make you looking like you are born with it!

Applied individually to your real lashes with a perfect waterproof glue that is so effective, that the 'fake' lash sticks to your real one until it naturally falls out (roughly the lifespan of an Eyelash is 4 Weeks - so this is why I recommend you head for a refill after 2 weeks, because you will have lost half of your Marylin Flutter after that time. But apart from that bluemoon maintenance session - your eyelashes will not even be low maintenance - they will be NO Maintenance - but looking Hollywood Red Carpet ready the moment you open your gorgeous eyes in the morning. I did my Lash Extensions at Shui Spa: http://www.shui-spa.ch/ 


Nails - Shellac it! 

If you have naturally beautiful Nails - please keep them natural. Just head for Manicures and don't change your winning team. But if you are not blessed with naturally gorgeous healthy looking and strong nails, or if you are just in the mood for some naily colour - Shellac is the only acceptable answer. Gel Nails completely ruin your Nail - home applied Nail Polish chipps after literally half a day & takes ages to apply & dry usually looking a bit sloppy and 'homemde' which is not the look you'll want to show off. You want flawless looking nails that require no extra care and correction. Shellac is like the EyeLashes - 2 week cycles to your chosen Nail Salon are necessary - but in between no touch ups are needed. I would love to share with you my hottest nail place - but I simply have not found the place yet that I am comfortable to share. I am still jumping back and forth in between places, and not quite happy yet with a salon. So I would be happy to receive any tipps or recommendations, and I am looking forward to share it with you as soon as I have found 'the perfect' Nailplace that fully suits all my requirements - stay tuned :) 


Complexion - how to ditch Foundation and Co in favour of naturally radiant and breathing skin

We all kind of know it - Make-Up (especially liquid foundation and powders) are not good for your skin. Especially in Summer heat when there is increased perspiration - the layer of colour and particles covering and clogging your pores will just naturally lead to skin congestion (its like having an accident on the motorway or a falling tree blocking the road - its just an obstacle intruding in the natural processes of your skin). No matter what the ladies at the 'Beauty' Departments of Shopping Malls tell you - Foundation is never 'breathable' okay it just isn't... ever! Its a layer covering your beautiful skin and making it look flaky, oily, and stale looking. During Summer Daytimes you should really try to go without it - use a BB cream at maximum, or just go with moisturizer if in any way possible. I understand the moment of looking at your reflection in the morning and there is all sorts of redness and imperfections going on in your face that makes Make-up seem unforegoable. But actually giving up Make Up is like giving up bad eating habits  - it takes around three days until your skin detox has gotten through the worst of it and your skin will look perfectly fine. Ever wondered why our dear male friends do not have the blotchy redness? They don't need make-up because they NEVER USE IT! And neither do we women! We are just led to believe that we do, and then we get caught up in it without ever being able to give it up in fear of anyone seeing our dark circles or red nosewings. I have widely given up make up several years ago - never wearing it during daytime no matter how blotchy I look - and only very a minimum of it at night or at events. Most pictures you see of me on Social Media are completely Make-Up free. If I feel that I look to pale or boring - I'd much rather use a filter - because at least an Instagram filter does not clog up & congest my pores ;o 

If you are looking to give up make-up and you would like to kickstart the detox of your complexion - you can again head to Comme il Faut Esthétique for a perfect summer skin detox. Melanie has comprised a sweet and simple skin cleansing ritual consisting of a glycogenic peel, a gentle manual cleansing of clogged pores and soft moisturizing treatments using her Cappucini Products to help regulate your talc production and reduce oily complextions without using clogging absorbing powders. For in between 'on the go' complexion help I simply keep some pieces of light tissue with me to press on my skin and absorb the excess talc. After a few days you will notice that your skin will automatically reduce the talc production and recover its natural radiant shine <3


Happy Summer my Dears!

Wishing you a lot of happy sunny days untroubled by extensive and ennerving daily 'beauty' regimens. 

Keep it simple & just have Fun - thats my credo for Enjoying Summer to the Maximum (and I guarantee you, your boyfriend will love it too!) 

much Love xXx 


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