Despite never having been troubled with severe acne, I had been fighting unclean skin and lately pigmentation (dark spots, melasma) on my face skin for a while now. With the modelling, and constantly changing make up products being heavily applied to my face frequently, plus the same brushes being used on multiple models during shows - my skin had been prone to develop some issues. It was mainly clotted, enlarged pores, redness and sometimes my skin was just confused from all the different products - making it dry and sometimes oily at the same time or exchanging from one state to the other within a few days depending on the products used. It was just getting hyper reactive and sensitive - making me feel uncomfortable and giving my complexion a faded look when i didn't wear make-up. Of course the cold winter months didn't help. 

Plus since 2 years I had noticed some dark spots starting to appear on my cheeks, and despite avoiding the sun and using sunscreen they did manage to get a bit worse over time. 

I decided I needed to do something against it. I am not a big fan of make up - I like to be low maintenance and just have naturally glowing skin. But most of the treatments out there are too harsh for me - I was scared to do a full on chemical peel that would make my skin turn blue and fall off. I had heard and seen so many horror stories about skin treatments gone bad. At the same time I do not give the 'over the counter' resurfacing products any credit whatsoever - so me its just marketing and empty promises. I needed something mild and effective. Plus it was a busy 2 months for me in February & March leaving little capacity to take days off for being at home with a red face looking like a carpaccio. I was also not ready to put myself in the hands of a beautician that would perhaps not have the proper knowledge on how to improve my skin. I needed a dermatologist.

Dr. Mandana Péclard was recommended to me, and I was eager to visit her in her newly opened Clinic right at Paradeplatz where she offers pretty much every type of noninvasive Procedure for skin including newest laser technologies for hair removal and fat reduction, to even botox and fillers or tattoo removal. The spacious practice is equipped with everything a person desiring perfectly smooth skin could fancy. I first went in to visit her thinking she could perhaps do a mild laser treatment. When she told me there was an even smoother solution though that would require less down time and more flexibility with even the possibility to customize the intensity of the result I was all ears! Its a chemical peeling procedure called Cosmelan.

Cosmelan works in two phases and on a totally different level than 'classical' chemical peels. It does not 'burn' skin but rather just lets it do a complete peel in several phases. The treatment works in two phases. The first one is an in office application of the stronger Cosmelan 1 peel - which is applied all over the skin and looks a bit like peanut butter and stays on the skin for 7 hours. The patient leaves the practive wearing the 'peeling mask' which is a funny experience. I just took a taxi home and was glad that no one saw me on the way. I stayed home that day with the mask on my face that with the passing time, dried up and turned darker making my skin look a bit like dragon skin. I'm showing you a picture below - it was quite freaky. Except for an intense tingling feeling during the first 15 minutes after application I experienced minimal discomfort and after 7 hours when I was allowed to wash off the mask I was surprised how 'normal' my skin looked. I would have absolutely been able to cover up with light make up and go out for dinner that same evening. It was not until 3 days later I began seeing a peeling effect - although this varies from patient to patient - so its important to keep your schedule free for 1 week post treatment. 

The second phase I took home and started applying with varied intensity or frequency according to my desired level of intensity 3 days after the initial application in the clinic. Regular Check-Ups are made to supervise the process and I was given advice on how often they should apply the phase 2 peel. I continued applying phase two once a day for 3 weeks - and I did experience a pretty strong peeling effect several times (looking like sunburn). It was not able to predict when it would occur, and it was at times a bit uncomfortable when I was out meeting people and peeling abit like a snake. But there was no discomfort and when i went home I just washed my skin and rubbed it with the moist cloth and the peeling skin look was gone immediately. 

After two weeks I saw an improvement in my pores and also my pigmentation. Although it did not disappear completely. I find that for the mildness and minimal discomfort of the treatment I had excellent results. I also received compliments from make-up artists at jobs on how glowing my skin looked. I did not experience that 'shiny' polished peeling look that makes skin look like polished marble and the complexion rather unnatural. 

The care of Dr. Péclard was excellent, she and her team was always reachable for me in case I had any questions. Along with the phase 2 peeling pot I also received a balancing calming skin cream and a high level sunblocker to use for skin protection whenever I left the house. 

I feel super happy with the results and will definitely return for further treatments to Dr. Péclards practice in future. For now I feel ready for summer and truly comfortable in my skin.
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