Not just another Carshow...

Design, Technology and Style joins together well even when extending beyond its individual category. Complementing each other to create a whole experience. Live Music Performances by international Artists Axel Boman and Pablo Nouvelle, Live Dance Performance by internationally acclaimed choreographer duo Wang Ramirez, Light Shows and a Live Art Performance came together to create a joint performance of music, light, movement, technology and contemporary urban art.

When a car is turned into an artpiece it has the crowd flocking to take a picture in front of it. Things are what we make them. Art has the unique power to give emotional quality to life and the things happening inside it. Utilities are given an new quality. Art lets me think, lets me look at it for a long time and keep discovering new things inside it. The purpose of Art for me personally is to be a vessel of some shape or material that reflects the time it was made in socially, economically and culturally. I have too little knowledge to judge technique - so I prefer to keep that uninhibited ‘child’s’ perspective when looking at it & just taking it as it is.

I arrived almost late to the Volvo Art Session 2016 which was held the first time at the Maag Event Hall in Zurich. Rushing through the dark back of the stage I emerged right at the very front left of the massive showstage where the show was just about to begin. Having made it just in time, we positioned ourselves at the side of the audience facing a high stage with a car, white as a sheet of paper, throning in the middle illuminated by changing light projections. The show began with a best of retrospective time lapse projections of the past VAS years, followed by a modern dance duo.

This years Artist Ata Bozaci emerged from inside the canvas of his ‘artpiece yet to be’ - the Volvo Car - and began his 15 minute live show. In front of the live audience he transformed the canvas of the car into a contemporary artpiece. He was assisted by his friend and fellow urban artist Shark. I have a fascination with art installations and three dimensional art. I like when things go beyond the flat canvas - ‘out of the box’ Art. I found the act of the Artist emerging at a live art show from within his own canvas to be a very strong motive symbolising how an artists mind(set), mood and emotional state visually manifests itself on canvas. What we create remains a part of us, by creating we expose ourselves & our creation is a reflection of that. This Years piece was a 'negative' in graphic terms because the canvas in the beginning was actually not just an unprepared blank. It a white but pre cut foil that was applied to the car. During the 12 Minute live performance the car was first sprayed completely black and then the pre-cut pieces of the foil were stripped off leaving the 'negative' image of the white on black. 

The VAS Timelapse Videos that are recorded every year are a beautiful way to capture that process. To capture the moment, but also to capture the change.

I’ve got this years video linked below for you to have a look.



The show ended almost too quickly - I was enjoying it so much. It was time to hop on stage and take a picture with the artists and to admire the ‘Volvo Art Installation’ up close. Afterwards I joined the other guests in the reception room where a delicious(ly healthy) flying dinner was served. My heart jumps every time I see a venue picking up on this food trend. Serving light rice salads in glass jars and offering dishes containting whole grain such as quinoa & lentils. Its so great to see the wholefoods taking over every part of society - moving out the dictatorship of the heavy old fashioned cuisine.

Of course everyone was there, one half of the celebrities I saw mingling in the after party crowd, the other half I saw the next day on Glanz & Gloria or on Fashion Blogs & Magazines.

My resume of the night is a genuinely positive one. I strongly believe that we should support art as an essential component of our culture today. Art is not easy to nurture, because it feeds on passion, talent and time. Art is never responding to a demand - its always developing out of collective circumstances. Art is unpredictable and honest - like a piece of unique creative magic. Art enriches our life and is something we should encourage and support. So be it Volvo for the initiave, or the media and guests who came - it makes me happy to see the support for sustaining that kind of value.







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