D A Y T R I P    T O   T H E    F A R M 


July 2016


Its the picture book farm experience, especially on sunny summer days. Just 30 minutes by car from Zurich, situated on an idyllic hillside overlooking the Lake, Jucker Farm combines a gorgeous setting with many activities and things to explore. The experience Farm is well known for their brunch, which is booked up months in advance, and its pumpkin exhibition in falltime. 

The farm has a lot more to offer aswell though: it regularly hosts Corporate Trips and Workshops, during the Summer months visitors can go Berry Picking Season where visitors can roam around the fields and pick their own Cherries, Strawberris or Blueberries depending on Season. I went to go Cherry picking and ended up severy over eating on the dark red delicious berries that were hanging down from the low growing trees abundantly. The Farm even produces its own veganfriendly Wine since last year, which is not for sale yet though. The vinyards are absolutely gorgeous with a straight view onto the lake - magnificent! The Farm generally is so pretty it has even been chosen as a Wedding Location by some lovedoves!

Juckerhof is part of a group of 'Discovery Farms' which is still running daily farm business, but sets its focus on welcoming visitors and sharing the rural charm. Its a great experience for both swiss townies, and tourists visiting Switzerland. The Jucker Farm makes sure to take care of the visitors without loosing all the authenticity. In the restaurant at the heart of the farm, homemade specialities & cakes are served, coffee is available with a wide variety of milks including a very tasty spelt milk that I tried for the first time and actually made a great foamy cappuccino. Together with some homemade amaretto sirup it was coffee heaven! 

In the shop next door all the products are available for retail too, and if you fall in love with a product and don't find the time to always drive to the farm to pick it up - all the Juckerhof Products are distributed directly to your home via online farmshop. So theres really no need to renounce on keeping your kitchen filled with fresh, locally produced, organic farm products because you can shop everything online and the boys & girls from Farmy will deliver it directly to your door! 

If you're working at a health conscious officeplace Juckerhof even takes it a step further with the Jucker Food Truck that visits offices and offers selected products & lunch choices directly with their 'Farm to Company' concept: counting companies like Google to their clients. If you are tired of dull & unhealthy lunch choices around the place you work and your office peers are too - why not give Juckerfarm a shout & inquire for the Food Truck to visit your office too! 

Aside from eating, going berry picking or taking beautiful walks - Jucker Farm has plenty of fun activities and games in store too for 'children of all ages' - an apple tree labyrinth, catch the chicken game (its a rubber chicken), and a parcour are just a few of the things I encountered during my afternoon there. 

So if your looking for location inspiration for your next daytrip with your family, summer barbecue or corporate event 

discover more about everything that Jucker Farm does on their homepage!

I'll definitely be back in Autumn to see those Pumpkins :) 

Happy Summer till then! 





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