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September 2016



When the sandals, skirts and linen clothes need to go, the watermelons at the supermarket are replaced by pumpkins and the breeze is getting chillier. Its time to get the hats, knits and scarves back to arms length and to match our wardrobe to the changing colours of the falling leaves & pumpkins. Falltime is a beautiful time once you’ve put your lifestyle into the right mood with the right few essentials. And the best way to kick off your fall season is by getting your falltime must-haves in a day of autumn mood shopping. Albeit with the volatile weather and frequent rain bursts you don’t want your shopping trip to be an uncomfortable wind beat day rushing around streets in the city. The best way to enjoy falltime shopping is definitely at the mall. It is where I prefer to spend my rainy days because I can reach everything from food to fashion without any chance of getting rained on and comfortably able to drop it into my car whenever I need to. Unfortunately not every shopping mall has a nice and comfortable atmosphere where one also wants to spend time.

SIHLCITY is my favourite one to visit, especially on unpredictable days like last week, because it offers both stunning outdoor area and extensive indoor shopping. It's a no brainer for me to visit to get all my essentials to have me ready for fall. I was able to shop both daytime and evening key pieces during a rainburst without a drop on me, and when the skies cleared I was out to enjoy a lunch of wholegrain pasta at Vapiano in the sun. Perfect!

Sihlcity also has about every single favourite shop of mine ranging from Coop, Starbucks, the healthy Joe and the Juice that I know back from Scandinavia, PKZ & of course Beldona - and many more! Zara, H&M, Hitzberger - Sihlcity has everything I could ask for.

It was morning when I arrived - meaning I needed coffee! The Cappuccino at Leonardo is deliciously foamy and the range of sweets and croissants, gelato or cakes available with it makes it the perfect stop for both morning and afternoon coffee. After having had my coffee I feel ready to take the world.. ummm I mean mall :) 

First stop up was PKZ Women - the classical high street fashion store represents value and style. Since teenage days I admired the clothes in their windows: Rich in detail but very wearable. I fell in love with a matt olive tone washed 5 pocket pant that had just the teeniest bit of a baggy fit - making it look shapely but comfortable. I combined that with a olive grey & colour accented scarf that will help me brighten up any fall day. Next I walked past the GUESS Store and pretty unplanned I fell in love with a silk tafted skirt there that looked perfect for an elegant look at night. I hopped in the shop - it was the only thing I tried on - and took it home with me. Perfect fit, versatile key piece for cocktails or even more elegant daytime & teatime looks depending on what I would combine it with. I look forward to matching it with a sleek slinky black top for evening, or a white blouse and cardigan for day.

Falltime is not all about what you wear- but also how you are! With the temperatures cooling and more rainy days our immune system needs extra protection. I always make sure to get some extra multivitamin! The one I’ve been using for years now which gives me good results is the classical one by Burgerstein that I found at Naturathek - a great shop for essential oils, tea’s and alternative medicine aswell. In Autumn I love for my home to have that cozy scent - and I always do that very simply using essential oils by Farfalla. I either heat them over a rechaud candle or by using this super cool & effective ’Home Hack’ - just mixing a few drops of oil together with baking soda, mixing well using a little pick or fork, and leaving it in a tiny bowl. This is perhaps the least expensive but natural way to scent your home beautifully and the fragrance lasts several days!

As I was getting all prepped for the rainy days the grey morning outside had transformed into a gorgeous early afternoon - and I was hungry! A vegan whole wheat Pasta Ratatouille at Vapiano was the perfect Lunch to enjoy outside and do some casual people watching. Nice to see the coats & umbrellas making space for sunglasses and smiles. Falltime can be so beautiful! I love having the option at Sihlcity to enjoy the weather or hide away from it - best of both worlds. 

It was soon time to leave - not because I wanted to but because my carrying capacity was quickly approaching its limit. Last stop was the kitchen shop Butler - because my kitchen (and food pictures on Instagram) needs a bit of fall vibes too. So I grabbed some lovely purple aubergine and lime colored plates that would make perfect matches for all the roasted veggies and porridges to come. Of course I already tried them out :) 

I could’t wait to try out my new outfit the next day as I was heading to Munich for Octoberfest - what do you think? :) What are your must haves for Fall? 

By the way I am pretty exited to not only be a Sihlcity visitor, but also on the first of October, to take part for the second time in the Sihlcity Fashion Show for their Fashion Week - together with a rad group of models including top model Anja Leuenberger

Save the Date & join the show ;O There's also a bunch of other cool stuff happening around Sihlcity Fashion Week - you'll find the details on the link below: 







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