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IWC for SIHH16

and thats precisely what I did - I flew with an IWC on a whirlwind 2 day trip that led me from the IWC watchmaking manufactury, high above the Swiss Alps on the Ju52 to the International Salon de la Haute Horologie (SIHH) to a glamorous A-List star studded Gala Event

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 True Values are Timeless.

I could not think of a more suiting motive to embody that message than the mechanical wristwatch.

A "heartbeat" - created by man to outlive him, a gift to the generation to come,

and perhaps the one after that. 


The original IWC Pilot's Watch collection dates back to the 1930ies, where it was created for the aviators with a rotating bezel, designed to register take off times, aswell as an antimagnetic mechanism. In 2016 is has been relaunched in 4 Models, and was Inspiration for the IWC appearance for this years SIHH. I was fortunate to join on a fascinating trip with IWC which took us to SIHH & let us visit the manufactury to discover the collection, history and heritage of IWC as a brand.

Being a secret 'watchie', I was delighted to be a part of it. 

The experience took us to the smashing waters of the Rhine Falls, Europe's largest waterfalls, Dinner at Schlössli Wörth overlooking the night lit crashing watermasses. We where able to visit the manufactury where we were given a watchmakers introduction course of assembling a movement. I enjoyed to handle the watchmakers tools, and working with the tiniest of mechanical screws and gear wheels essential to create the small and light automatic but wholly mechanical body of the watch. It was a unique opportunity and memories that I will treasure. 

We jumped out of the classroom and onto an aircraft on a roundtrip through the swiss alps with an original Junker 52 Plane dating 1939 - if you like to get a feeling of what that experience was like, watch my little video below or watch the IWC Video created for the Pilot Watch collection. For the NonSnapchatters: Check also the whole IWC Story from my SnapSylwina SnapChat Channel which is included at the bottom. 

Not only did the flight offer some spectacular views of the Swiss Alps, I had the opportunity to visit the cockpit and even took a slight steer of the aircraft myself. I understand the fascination with being a pilot - being airborn brings a feeling of freedom and possibility that lets even massive mountains look small in comparison. It puts things into perspective. 

I think of Pilots as rather fearless people, travellers, focused. In their line of work, making mistakes is not really an option. They  trust technology to aid them navigate. The wristwatch the fastest, easiest way to carry time - easier than using a pocket watch, like is was done by gentlemen until the 20ieth century, and easier than pulling out a mobile phone of ones pocket nowadays. A wristwatch today is an essential for any distinguished man and woman, originally was created for the sportsman and adventurer. Divers, Horseback Riders, Race Drivers and Pilots were in need of keeping the time on their hands at all time. 

Upon arrival in Geneva we headed straight to the SIHH Booths where, after a security check-in, we headed to search the IWC booth. The SIHH was much larger and grand than I had expected - It was impressive to see the different booths and elaborate displays. The people belonging to the watch and jewellery business is certainly a pretty crowd to look at - there is a class about them and I always feel like I am observing their sense of pride for the industry that they work in.

My visit to the Booths was by far too short though to really take a close look. All too soon I needed to head to the Hotel to get ready for the night. It was a highlight for me to attend an IWC Party, I had known them from the Media to be always star studded and oozing that level of glamor which is hard to find elsewhere in Switzerland. 

I was looking forward to slip into my Mery's Couture gown and wearing my hair in a loose tethered undone look matched with a fine hairband and head off to the Party. The Theme 'Fly with Us' was present from the first moment of arrival to "check-in" the team wore classical flight attendant costumes, and the flying theme accompanied us throughout the evening. The event was beyond the expected, with the A-List level of Guests high. It was indeed "rubbing shoulders with the stars." What I hadn't expected was the level of exitement the guests had towards the occasion and one other. So much hugging, laughter and good vibes - almost like a big southern family get together. I love to see that - I love to see a brand creating such emotions and building relationships. Which leads us back to the beginning as: True Values ARE timeless.

Thank You IWC for having me! 









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