What happens when a group of 'food experts' get together and share a meal?

When finedining blogger & journalist 'Das Filet' ( sits down next to young hobby-vegan, Instagram popular MyLifeisDelicious - is that Harry's Ding or not?

Das Filet, whose food sujets consist of mostly minuscule artistic Michelin awarded culinary creations hidden inside huge white plates, whereas MyLifeisDelicious captures colourful salads & smoothiebowls using natural light only. Daylight, a luxury the gourmet journalist needs to do without, as it is not found in the dimmed interiors of luxurious finedining restaurants & makes carrying a portable LED light essential. A circumstance which Harrysding & Sylwina understand only too well, since they being too need to carry such lights when conducting their foodblogging activities in evenings. 

So who had the largest one? (LED light I mean). Das Filet won the 'Materialschlacht' - which makes sense, as the artfully garnished gourmet dishes he photographs deserve the attention and focus on their elaborate detail. Harry's Ding came second, which also makes sense being that they are very dedicated at catching all the filets (except Das Filet) in the towns hippest hotspots 'on plate' and you can see what that looks like on I came last, although to my defense I was the last one present at the table who even HAD a light despite not being a classical 'Finedining or Restaurant Blogger' I just tell people where they find great food & ambiance & what they need to order if they want to stay thin. When I go out for dinner what I am really looking for is lean food and a superfriendly team. 

So how did it all pan out last night at the grand gettogether of the food opinioneers? (Which HarrysDing organized in cooperation with and deserving a big thank you for that!) Well, sorry to disappoint the gossip seekers, it all went amazingly smoothly. Nobody was throwing cake or casting ashadow on the neighbors plate as they were trying to photograph it. There was no ellbowing over the shared grill Turf and Turf, which consisted of a Porterhouse Cut Beef, grilled giant Prawns and the whole palette of George's side dishes. Das Filet opted for the Entrecote Side of the Porterhouse Cut, leaving me the lean filet cut, Harry favored the Prawns, while MyLifeisDelicious munched away at a ginormous vegan grilled veggie plate. The Side dishes where easily distributed aswell - with me avoiding the carby glazed carrots and truffled fries, scooping the grilled zucchini and celerypuree instead, leaving all the crispy truffled fries and bluecheese creamy spinach to the gentlemen. 

It was all too good to be true really, like the perfect hollywood kitsch, all friends & no foes - I highly enjoyed myself througout the whole evening. Perhaps it was the uber delicious artisan chocolates by Max Chocolatier that we all were given to taste at a small apero held in the Max Chocolatier Boutique prior to the dinner that put us all in such a docile and content mindset. Or perhaps its just the nature of food, to bring together people and to also promote tolerance for one anothers differences. When we eat we tend to feel comfortable, taken care of and safe - that feeling of being in our comfort zone makes appreciating diversity and putting aside competitive thoughts come easy. I do feel the best way to get to know a person and bond with them is by sharing a meal with them, and I am certain that this is the reason why we still naturally feel drawn to using meals for a variety of social purposes and even to conduct business. 

Sharing a meal with someone is a bonding experience - which is why I am especially appreciative towards Harrysding for being not only excellent foodbloggers (I have often consulted their blog before deciding on wether to try out a place), but also for putting the effort and organizing such an occasion where we 'differently sameminded' people had the chance to get together and connect. 

The Team at GEORGE did an excellent Job at hosting us and giving us the full distinguished Steakhouse experience. 

Noteworthy: all of the Meat that GEORGE uses is Swiss - making it unique for a Steakhouse concept restaurant. 

The Cheesecake Dessert is not what I had in mind when I thought american cheesecake - it was more on the apple crumbly side - but delicious. The Drinks where superb. We enjoyed the Winter George special which is served with a small flask, and a Gin and Tonic Sorbet 'in betweener' prior to our maincourses. The dinner was done with an exempt attention to detail, and Robin the host took a lot of time, despite the full house, to tell us the whole story of GEORGE and who he really was - I Quote: Englisch Gentleman, Great Gatsby & 007 all shaken together and out comes GEORGE

Certainly a good Mix!


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