JUNE 14th - World Cucumber Day

I teamed up with Hendricks to learn a little bit more about this wondrous vine.

It all started out with a shoesized wood box wrapped in Hendricks Wrapping Paper being delivered at my home. Inside the box I found everything I needed to grow my own cucumber at home. After reading the leaflet with tipps provided by hendricks for successfull cucumber growing: give plenty of water, talk to it, play music etc. I decieded to get it set up right in my bedroom to keep it very close to me and create a source of oxygenproduction in my sleeping area. Also I enjoyed waking up to see the seedlings progress every morning. So after using my tweezer to place 4 cucumber seeds a few cm into the soil I sat a few moments in front of it, almost expecting a green sprout to just 'pop up' but of course good things need time. So the only thing left for me to do was to give my seeds plenty of water and provide a comfortable atmosphere with good karma for growth and personal development.

And after a few days they did pop up - shyly at first, but then shot from their ground almost 'overnight' forcing me to repot my seedlings into a larger pot to ensure proper growing conditions. I watered conscientously every couples of days because Cucumber plants are by species very thirsty and I played a tune every now and then to keep spirits high.

In the meantime as it was growing I did sometimes leave it home alone. I went to a Cucumber Seeding organized by Hendricks at Frau Gerolds Garten. There I met Coco - Hendricks Ambassador and Cucumber Seeding expert who is a dying dandy on Instagram (@dyingdandy). He showed me how to plant a very particular type of cucumber: the Mexican Mini Cucumber called Cucamelon that looks a bit like a tiny Watermelon.

Back at home my cucumber was flourishing though just needing some supper every now and then to stabilize growth. Being a vine it likes to creep along the ground - I tried to make it go upright though - we had arguments... it all worked out in the end though. Finally my Cucumber and I enjoy spending time together and it makes a very agreeable roommate. Besides being a lovely mate though the Cucumber also has some great health and pleasure benefits - here are some things you perhaps didn't know about with wonderful vegetable.

5 Facts about Cucumber:

1) It could actually be classified as a type of pumpkin as its belonging to the gourd family.
2) It can soothe skin irritations and sunburns just like Aloe Vera does
3) It contains Silica - making it a great Hairwash for smooth hair
4) It can prevent Hangovers when eaten before going to bed (or sipped inside your drink straight away)
5) Its the 4th most cultivated Vegetable in the World



Chilled Cucumber Soup Recipe - Gin Infused:

300g Raw Cut Cucumber

100g Quark

Dash of Lime Juice

Piece of Fresh Basil

Dash of Brown Rice Vinegar (regular Rice Vinegar will do if you don't have brown)

Salt & Pepper

Shot of Hendricks Gin

a reasonable amount of Ice

-> Blend all Ingredients in a powerful Blender until pale green

Pour into Bowl -> add Salt (I used Fennel Seed Salt for extra dimension of flavour)

Top with puffed Buckwheat raw mini Cucumber slices and Basil (Toppings are Optional)

Its very easy :) best consumed immediately!





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