J I N G L E B A L L 2015

the Widder Hotel celebrates its 20thieth Anniversary by throwing a Ball 

in favour of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation



It was a black Tie Gala Event of the finest kind, that I was honored to be invited to last Saturday at Widder Hotel. 200 valued Guests came in their finest Party attire - glamorous, elegant, fun. It was a Ball of the finest sort - it was outstanding, because it was fun. Indeed it is easy to serve a lavish feast, much harder to get a dancing crowd on the dancefloor. The Jingle Ball did both - more so it had a full dancefloor even before maincourse was served. I had never seen anything like it. The spirits where as soaring high as the ballgowns were sparkling. A remarkably beautiful and fun crowd getting together to have fun and to spend money euphorically buying tombola for a good cause. 

Our group at Table 19 was Rene Bruggraber whom I had met last weekend during my stay at the Widder Hotel, and who had invited me. Anja Gasser from SchuSchuBlog was also there, as where the Lips Brothers who run a very successful and stylish blog together. It was a fun crew & I could not have been happier about spending the evening with them. 

I was impressed - on many levels it was unlike the typical Gala Events I had experienced. First and foremost the Banquet 4 course Gala Dinner matched in every single course the quality of ordering a la carte in taste, and precision. A task that I had until then considered impossible to manage. To create 200 dishes and serve them at the same time - I was always under the firm belief that the quality was bound to suffer. Whenever I eat at banquet's I honestly do not expect much excellence - because I realize it is more of an 'art' of mass production. Anyways at the Jingle Ball I would have never guessed its a banquet if I had not known - every single dish was perfect, tasteful and presented on point. Simon, who took care of our table, was exceedingly friendly and helpful. 

The courses where intermediated by varied entertainment acts: the Zermatter Glockenspiele, as well as surprise Guest Nubia and Europa gave great performances. Especially Nubia's live singing captured my breath - was impressing to see her perform live up close and personal like that. 

Absolute highlight was the dessert buffet prepared downstairs in the kitchen, which served everything from chocolate fountain to crêpe suzette; freshly prepared.





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