OPEN BARILLA - HAPPY 140th Anniversary

O P E N    B A R I L L A

#FromFieldtoFork - I had the pleasure to discover the Production of the Pasta that I grew up with


They say that the adult life experiences that bring up childhood memories are the most precious ones. Why? I am not really sure. But there is an undeniable beauty in experiencing these moments that I think we all know. Wether it be food, a song or nursery rhyme that we remember, a story or TV show or a boardgame: Its always a great feeling to experience something tied to childhood memories.

I had many of those moments when I visited the Barilla Pasta and Sauces Production in Parma in June, and for many reasons. Firstly I grew up with the Barilla Pasta in our household and can remember my Mom putting the spaghetti in the pot with boiling water and me watching them sink down as they softened. Spaghetti with Tomatosauce is in fact the first dish I ever learned to prepare by myself and I remember being so proud that first time I made it for my family (I think I was 10). And of course the spaghetti with tomatosauce was my favourite thing to eat when I was little (still kind of is.)

I also remember loving to watch the kids educational series once a week where food production was shown and I remember being fascinated by these processes. Plus I grew up on rural countryside in Switzerland surrounded by farms and introduced by my mother to gardening from an early age. I grew ‘my own’ tomatoes and parsley and I remember looking forward to them changing colour to a lush red ready for picking. In front of our house there were farming fields where crop was grown. Depending on the season I would wake up to see corn fields, or wheat or cows grazing the lawn. The cornfields where our favourites because we could go play hide and seek in them for entire afternoons. It was like running a maze and we loved it.

When I was in Parma with Barilla I was in for an experiene that brought back all these memories. For the 140th birthday of the company Barilla decided to open its doors and to let us visit its entire production from the plucking of fresh Basil in the morning, to the production of their sauce, growing of their crops for the pasta, and the pasta making factory itself which is in fact the largest one in the world. I was stunned to for the first time see such production up close. To pick fresh pasta straight from the machine as its still soft and to taste the texture. To smell the intense taste of freshly cut Basil and to watch it be handled carefully. Within a few hours the basil is transferred to the glas capturing all its delicious aroma inside it. And whilst I was watching the green pesto glasses as they passed through the production treadmill it made me think of all those times I opened exactly such a glass of pesto at home, scooping it over my pasta whilst enjoying the fragrance that rose from the glass immediately after the cap was opened.

I grew up with Barilla Products, and after this first hand experience of the Barilla production I will have many more memories to enjoy everytime I use Barilla products for the rest of my life for sure.

Moreover I was not only reminiscing in my childhood during my trip: I got to know Barilla and their philosophy too during the experience. I learned Barilla to be a very conscientious and sustainability oriented company that pays great attention to humanitarian causes. Good for you - Good for the Planet is the claim under which they run these efforts. Taking on their ecological responsibility as a key player in the global food industry. I am grateful to Barilla for taking on these responsibilities and engaging themselves, besides producing delicious pasta and sauces, in philantropic and ethical responsibilities aswell.




OPEN BARILLA - HAPPY 140th Anniversary OPEN BARILLA - HAPPY 140th Anniversary

From Field to Fork - Barilla opened its doors for a firsthand impression of their Pasta & Sauce production in Parma

EXPERIENCES 30 June 2017