Gory Food, outrageous costumes & a whole lot of scary decorations turn Rive Gauche into a spooky fun house each year for Halloween. 

I'm a real halloween & dress up fan for many reasons. Firstly I love when people get together to celebrate something - be it cultural, religious or simply for random fun. I like themes, I like it when people make a mutual effort to contribute to a party. What I love specifically about costume parties is the occasion to step out of ones 'Image' for once. The chance to transform into a self chosen character and have a bit of fun with that role - I believe doing that every now & then is healthy for the mind & keeps us happy. I also love the situation of being in a room with many people that I probably know and not recognizing many of them - with many of them probably not recognizing me. I even like sneaking down the stairway of my apartment when I leave the house to go to the Party - afraid that one of my neighbours will see me looking absolutely RIDICULOUS!


My LOOK - I was not scary or weird looking (like last year when I was sporting men's underwear). I was actually looking kind of 'pretty'. I actually was trying to resemble a japanese beauty ideal of looking like a reallife anime manga charakter. With big purple hair, purple bows in my hair, big eyelashed and circlelenses and a black tutu with fingerless black lace gloves. Its not a scary look - but one I had wanted to do for a long time because in truth I really have always kind of admired the girls I saw on Youtube & Tumblr who looked like that. Its estranging for me to see that there is this whole hugely popular fashion movement and beauty ideal existing that is so absolutely different from the one we know. Its fascinating and inspiring, and I wish to sometimes takes some inspirations off it and merging it with my own mindset. Perhaps one day I can wear my Pyjama to the grocery store or shopping, or wear a wig like its an every day thing - but I am definitely not there yet - so creating this look for Halloween is as close as I have ever come to achieving the japanese 'Manga' Look. 


the Highlights - Speaking for 10 minutes to a random guy, fully masked, until finding out its a pretty good friend of mine who was pulling my leg - pretty creepy. 

Costumes - so many amazing ones - but my favourites were definitely Racha who came in a full body Zebra Costume! 

& best couple: I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED it - host Wolf Wagschal & his fiance Monical Babilon dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf :D So SWEET!

If you wanna see all those pictures of ALL the CRAZY Costumes head over to for the whole spooky gallery! 


BIG BIG Thank You to the Hosts Racha Fajjari, Wolf Wagschal and Panagiotis Kissas for putting all the effort necessary for an amazing Halloween Party. Big Thank you also to everyone who contributed, DJ's Tom Novy and Monica Babilon, who was even singing live & of course to all the guests for the creative costumes and halloween spirit!

Already looking forward for NEXT YEAR! 

Tag your Pics from the Party with #rghalloween in Instagram for them to show up below! 

Thanks for Reading & lots of LOVE Xx <3



all pictures photo credit by David Biedert 







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