the Christmas Chip Bake

Dear Friends & Readers

Christmas Season is here - a time to enjoy, to spend with our families, to celebrate customs and traditions - and of course the food. 

Delicious cookies, nuts and chocolates, chestnuts and mandarins are only to name a few. Many families have their own traditional menues with recipes carefully handed down over the generations. 

My family has them too, and baking christmas cookies is something I look forward to every year. But today I'd like to share with you a clean and guiltfree way of bringing the christmas spirit to your home. Today I have created fatfree, homemade, salty & deliciously savoury vegetable chips. A super healthy, crispy and original option of festive baking. 


It takes some time to prepare, especially if you want to create the star shapes - but otherwise it is really simple. 


What you need

raw Vegetables:  

I used Beetroot, Quitte, Apple (Braeburn), Potato, Sweet Potato

Apple Vinegar

Salt & Pepper

an aluminum Cookie mold of your desired shape - I used a star shaped one

Sesame oil - if you prefer to add oil to the chips to make them crunchier


How to do it

First you slice the raw vegetables & fruits thinly, creating a large surface. Then use the cookie mold to cut the shapes into the slices, just like you do with the rolled out dough when you bake 'real' cookies. Afterwards you drop the raw chips in some apple vinegar and salt them (feel free to add a little bit of oil or any other seasoning if you like). Place the slices on the baking tray and bake at 200' for around 15 minutes. 

I recommend to keep checking regularly. As the chips are sliced by hand and are each unique in thickness and shape, they take different times to be done properly. I kept checking up every 5 Minutes and always removed the ones that are ready :) 

After they are done, I let them cool for some minutes before serving them on a plate. Also makes a great salty snack to start off your christmas dinner in theme. 


Delicious way to have a good conscience & will be ready to indulge during the holidays <3


Happy December & wishing everyone successfull christmas preparations :) 

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