The Cooking Atelier

Marco Pfleiderer does not run a restaurant. Marco Pfleiderer runs an kitchen atelier. The purpose of this kitchen is not to deliver a routinized menu to a number of guests on a daily basis. Its purpose is much rather to be a versatile place of creativity and inspiration, where Marco and his team can day by day create taylor made food concepts for any desire or function. 

I had the great chance to visit Marco Pfleiderer for a private dinner and experience the process of his creative work and of course also its result. 

Normally Marco Pfleiderer caters at exclusive and glamorous cocktail parties and events - but today he switched things around by inviting a small number of guests to his atelier for an intimate tasting. 

 Set in a cozy atmosphere, at a wooden table inside the kitchen atelier, Marco started the evening by serving a choice of fingerfood - veal tartar, beetroot and maize chips, olived popcorn and more. We had the possibility to view the kitchen and talk to the team - getting a preview, of the menu to come and a chance to ask questions. I was particularly fascianted by a thoroughly black coaled leek that looked like it had been forgotten on the grill for about an hour. Marco explained to us that the leek can easily be thrown onto the grill or directly into the hot coals and left there until its completely black. Afterwards the outer layer gets peeled off, revealing a perfectly well done and tasteful core which, not burned at all, is very aromatic and soft. 

I was reminded of my trip to central Africa. In the fishermens villages I visited, I saw fish which was cooked directly in the coals and completely black. A little local girl handed me a fish to share - it was impossible to turn down her generosity. Peeling the skin away from the fish, revealed its white flesh of perfect taste. 

After sitting down we where taken through a culinary journey passed spherified green olives, salmon in all its variations, tender veal with pumpkin, salt dough baked celery finishing by a chocolate sponge and homemade truffes. Everything was handmade right there in the Atelier. 

An unforgettable experience. A demonstration of the possibilities and versatility of food and hosting. Turning a kitchen into a bubble of creativity and an environment for hosting. An inspiring night in (and for) every sense.
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