It was one of those Emails that left me with my mouth open - when I read that I had been definitely booked for the Energy Fashion Night, probably the biggest Fashion Show in Switzerland, I was caught in a moment of disbelief. Me? Why my? 

I was exited and so happy to share the news with my family and friends. To see their reactions just confirmed to me how big it was. I felt really lucky. Only a Year ago I didn't have a Modelcontract - it would have never seemed possible. I had just the Blog, where I was sharing my stories - who would have thought that I would ever share this one! I certainly didn't!

Things where taken to the next level the week before the show, where I was asked to do a Radio Interview for Energy - being announced as 'the Newcomer and uprising Model in Switzerland.' I started to get nervous; with thoughts chasing through my head like 'what if I fall.' 

The day before the Show we had 8am calltime for the fitting - I arrive, not knowing which designers I would be walking for yet, and first thing get pulled into the fitting room of Beldona and handed a bikini. 'I don't do Bikini' was the first thing that shot out of my mouth - the Lady, who I later found out was the CEO, looked at me in disbelief. 

I very quickly put on the bikini and decided that I was absolutely fine to do it. It was just the unexpectedness of the situation that caused my initial shock reaction. It was my dream - I was not going to stop it from coming true. 

At the next fitting I found myself stuck into a bridal gown - not a klischee 'wannabe princess' one but a real beautiful sleek one with sequins and lot of layers of flowing silks. I remembered watching couture shows where models floated across runways in such gowns with the chiffon flowing like endless ripples of water or heavy fog. It was more than a dream. Even though knowing that I would perhaps never move with the grace of these girls - I still found myself filled with an indescribable pride at this chance and opportunity. 

After the fittings I took the chance to step into the Location of Hallenstadion - to watch the stage being built - to stand in its center and turn around 360' to take in all the seats where people - some of who I knew would be watching from. 

The day of the show approached too quickly. With Top Models such as Victorias Secret Angel Chanel Iman and Germany's next Topmodel Winner Stephanie Giesinger - not to forget our stunning swiss girls all arriving - it was inspiring to see so many beautiful human beings at the same time. 

Surprisingly I wasn't nervous. I was just very very exited to know that so many of my friends where coming to watch - somehow knowing that I had people in the audience who supported me made me feel strong and confident. That was until I was in my first outfit waiting to go on stage in a few minutes when the first show act ended and I heard the applause... my body froze for a instant and I felt that chill crawling down my back. The dress I was wearing for the first round was also the heaviest and more difficult to walk in - I really did not want to have an Jennifer Lawrence Oscar moment... I mean Jennifer won an Oscar - she CAN fall... I was simply expected NOT to FALL. 

Well, it all went smoothly - my walk could have been more elegant to say the least - but I arrived backstage without having had a face to face meeting with the runway. The next outfits where easier and I was more confident without fear of falling. The last outfit was the Lingerie of Beldona for the Finale. It was, together with the wedding gown, my favourite outfit - in pale blue accessorized with sequins head and leg pieces, white gloves, and a huge white Balloon :D Every one of the Beldona girls got Balloons and together with Chanel Iman we all went out for the Finale and had a bit of a party. It was so much fun - I loved every second of it. 

Spotting so many of my friends in the front row - like dear fellow Blogger & Photographer Andrea Monica Hug. 

On Monday I had my Coffee & as I found out how the Royal Baby had been born (yeah, I only just heard about it then because my mind was all #EFN15 before that) I turned the page to see my picture together with 4 Ladies and our balloons in the Schweizer Illustrierte. 

It was a Happy Monday <3



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