What a sexy Birthday!!!

For Beldona's 60th Anniversary, I jumped out of the Kitchen and onto the Runway


An experience, hard to put in words. Walking a show for a big lingerie label is a secret girl dream of mine. I have always seen it as the ultimate certification of a womans beauty. Until I walked down the runway myself. Honoured and overwhelmed with nervosity and exitement.  

I remember a few weeks back when I went to the fitting and tried on some of the lingerie pieces - I just felt beautiful in them. Lingerie does not equal lingerie. Lingerie has not only the power to either make a woman look gorgeous and sexy, it can easily make her look equally 'cheap'. Wearing good lingerie is essential - it should not be too aimed at looking sexy, that usually backfires, it should definitely not be boring. Having a nice piece of classy, feminine underwear works magic on giving any woman the that precious female aura. 

When I got the call that I was confirmed for the show, I was so happy. It was a dream come true, and such a recognition for all of my work. 


It takes a good piece of courage and confidence to walk in front of a live audience in lingerie, so I wanted to make sure that I was preparing myself right to be in best shape. 

Lot of Sleep, good nutrition and clean glowing skin are essentials for a show. I made sure not to go out 3 days prior to the show and to drink a lot of clean, sugarfree liquids. 2 days prior to the show I ate soft foods only - in order to avoid being bloated. Eating soft foods is NOT a liquid juice diet - its not aimed at calory intake restriction - on the contrary. 

Eating soft foods includes everything from soup, to porridge, yogurts, smoothies etc. that are easy to digest and cleanse the digestive system. So no raw vegetables and fruits - because they are hard to digest and can cause that 'bloated' feeling. I also reduced the salt intake because it retends water in the skin - keeping us from looking fit & lean. 

On the day of the show I prepared a huge prune, cinnamon, acai smoothie with fresh acai juice and took it with me to the rehearsals. 

I also made sure that my skin was nourished by applying lotion twice daily for 2 days before the show. 


the Day: 

It was an early 8am Calltime for rehearsals and getting all the models styled and ready. In the morning we learned and rehearsed the choreography - it was a lot of choreography and for some hours all the models where glued to notebooks and pens. After Lunch it was already time to start Hair & Make-up. The exitement literally filled them room as our hair got curled into angel locks and the rosy blush was dapped over our cheeks.

It was a happy day, filled with good moods, smiling models and laughter - all the girls where snapchatting behind-the-scenes videos for their community to see what was going on. No drama, no snide looks, no jealousy - just a great group of confident and happy women looking forward to rock a great show. 

The preparation exitement peaked when Andrea Monica Hug spontaneously dropped by for some behind the scenes pictures. Andrea is this town best street style photographer by origin - a reputation she lived up by dragging three of us in our Beldona robes out on the street and even convincing us to show her (and the whole street) what was underneath them. It was... trafficstopping!!! 

See the whole story of our Lingerie Streetstyle on her Blog: www.chic-in-zurich.ch 


Next thing I knew showtime was coming up - filing up back stage - ready to go on stage. The moment before I stepped out I was not nervous actually - I was moved. I felt my eyes watery because it hit me that I was a part of it. I was taking part in this show along with models like Manuela, Valeria Sestic and Leila - girls I had been admiring from media years before. Girls I had googled and looked up their pictures - girls I had wished to be. Here I was - ME. Ready to walk down a runway in beautiful lingerie. Ready to show the world my confidence - ready to show my flaws - ready to shine. I stepped up - and I was so happy. The smile on my face - was real. 

We showed a variety of Lingerie - from Shapewear to Sporty to Sleepwear - beautiful and versatile - just like we women are. Theres that piece of lingerie for every mood, for every situation. Lingerie can be made to show, or to be invisible, to be fun or to be bold. Lingerie is the base of a womans dress - an expression of her mood, desires and state of mind. 

The show flew by and soon it was time for the finale - for which we where all draped in goddess like sparkling white capes and had a little dance off on the stage. Of course my exitement peaked when I saw so many familiar faces in the audience - and I couldn't wait to change into my party dress and join the after party. 

 Many Thanks to David Biedert www.davidbiedert.com & Andrea Monica Hug www.chic-in-zurich.ch for the Photography

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