Just 'Like' My Pie

Today's recipe I am sharing with you is a real classic - so classic theres even a Movie named after it. Although my Apple Pie is very different from the one that got assaulted in the film.

As easy to make, as it is tasty - its a healthy & low fat/calory (for pie standards) option too. Aside from the Mürbeteig (german shortdough) doughbase & sourcream topping its really just roasted fruit with a touch of sugar. 

I'm also going to share with you my base short dough recipe which is the classical, timelessly popular german recipe for cakedough - used in most pie & cookie recipes. 



Mürbeteig (dough): 

250g Flour 

100g Sugar

125g cold Butter

1 Egg 


Fruit filling:

10g Butter

4 cut Apples (I prefer to use Braeburn)

100g cut very sweet & ripe Pineapple

100g frozen forest berries

10ml Lemonjuice

Hint of Cinnamon & fresh Vanilla scrape

50g Sugar 



200ml Sourcream 



Preheat your Oven to 200'


Prepare your dough according to the pictures illustrated above - first mix the sugar to the flour - chip the cold butter into pieces & add it to the bowl - knead the mixture gently until it has the consistency of graded parmesan - add the egg - mix again quickly into the doughpaste - form into a sphere, wrap in foil & let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes - Thats all the magic :) 

Of course if you are feeling lazy or lacking the time you can use a ready made doughmixture from the supermarket. 



Cut up all the Fruits by your preference. Start by roasting the Apples with the Butter in a cooking pan for around 3 Minutes. Add the Sugar, Cinnamon & Vanilla - turn over gently until the sugar has become invisible. Add the Pineapple and keep roasting until the Apples are soft and can be divided with a fork. The sugar should become slighly caramelized but not burnt and cover the roasted fruits. Add Lemon juice and bits of water if needed (so that nothing burns). 



Making frozen Sourcream is really easy - I just put 200ml of Sourcream into the freezer and stirr every 15 Minutes. After max 1 hour its done & it will take a lovely consistency almost by itself. I have an icecream machine - but I actually don't use it to create the Sourcream topping because it really isn't needed at all. 



Remove the Dough from the Fridge and roll out into a circle, the dough should be about 4mm thick - use a desired pie mould, grease it, and place the dough into the mould as shown on the picture. Then use a spoon to move the roasted fruits from the pan into the mould. Sprinkle the frozen Berries directly & evenly in between and on top of the fruits. Pop the Pie into the Oven for around 20 Minutes (depending on thickness of dough & layer of fruits) its always best to test by using a fork to check if the dough has become hard enough so that your pie won't fall apart. 


Let the Pie cool for a bit - although I love to eat it while its still warm especially in combination with the chilled sourcream. 

The combination of hot & cold - sweet & sour - really makes this such an amazing dessert. 


Hope you enjoy it as much as I do & don't be hesitant to get creative with the recipe - cooking should be fun :) 




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