The way I see trends - trends are created in the mind, they are the manifestation of an emotional need or desire, finding expression through various material elements. Fashion, Design, Food and even soft elements like speech, music or events. Trends are not built by an object, but by a mindset which is 'decorated' by objects and behaviour to honour its significance to us. 

My Summer Trends 2015? What does Summer 2015 mean to me? What is going on in my mind, what is going on in the young urban minds of our time? What are our desires, what are our values. These are my trends... its not a nailcolour or a skirtcut. Its the general Attitude that we are trying to describe with them.  

Covered in an environment of abundance we automatically start craving simplicity. Ironically - todays biggest luxury is that apple picked straight off the tree. In the middle of City life, where the grass has become rare even on the other side of the fence - we more than ever love its flavour. With all the high end fashion and consumer goods becoming increasingly complicated - we start looking for the substance behind the story. 

Focus - Our society - efficiency driven, result oriented - with us living inside it, aspiring to continuously exceed and expand. We wish to grow, we wish to develop, we wish to make a change. Our Motivation is no longer pressured by teachers - our Motivation is our own. We work to achieve the things that we belive in. We are less hesitant to change and introduce new structures. Innovation is embraced not feared. 

Simultaneously we nurture a need for balance. As the mad noise of the city resounds, theres natures echo of peace & serenity which we long to hear. For after each storm there comes a rainbow: Colours, Individuality, Expression, natural elements, simple and versatile accessoires

these are my summer trends 2015 



the Gold Tattoos: This trend was dropped on us like a bomb - and as soon as I saw it for the first time I was fascinated by the golden body decor. Why? Its amazingly beautiful, extremely versatily, temporary, easy and versatile. Ordered in simple sheets of different designs the Tattoo's can be applied in any way thinkable. I tried to put them on my whole body including my lips, using different designs to stretch over various areas creating different looks and expressions. I divided my whole torso in two by drawing a golden line from the tip of my forehead down the nose, lips, front neck, all the way down to my belly button. 


I did different looks with it - wearing the Tattoos like a crown once, or wearing them as golden tears. There are really endless possibilities to use them - and they are extremely easy to apply it takes just 30 seconds. I am not a fan of repetition - I take joy in thinking of yet a new way to arrange them. See some Inspirations all over this Article. 


Body & Facial Painting has been a part of all human cultures for ages. In our society it has been mainly reserved to permanent ink tattoos, and make up in women. I like to hope that skin embellishments will make a stronger comeback to our society. I associate something raw and primitive to them - its a motive drawing focus away from the sophisticatedly rational lifestyle and towards a more emotional and intuitive state of being. Our society held in all honors - I like to achieve balance between rationality and intuition. So I like the fact that our society has become tolerant enough to embrace more demonstrations of individuality than it used to. 

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Swim: Given my Love for Water - evidently the perfect Swimwear is essential to me. I like variety from casual ones to elegant. Bikinis fit for swimming, tanning or showpiece ones just for just hanging out poolside. I really love onepieces with cutouts. But my very favourite this summer was perhaps a simple black onepiece which I found at amorelie.ch (yeah they have amazing Swimwear!!!) - simple, timeless and elegant - love it. 


H & M: definite Motto - less is more. Beachwaves and little else - minimum maintenance. Looks should be easy, uncomplicated, pure. A good sunblocker to protect face, some terracotta powder, some light hues of orange, coral & berry tones for accents on lips & cheeks, and different hues of nudes & browns for the eyes is all it needs. I played around with aquamarine & electric blues such as turquoise and deep greens when I was in the mood for it - but most of the days I kept it clean. For my hair I just liked to blow dry it & using a sea salt spray (I used one by got2be & we made a tutorial on how to use it on http://www.vanessabratschi.ch/blog/ ) - after applying the spray to my hair at home I liked to use the Babyliss Secret Twist on my hair. Very easy to use, creating amazing twisted braids in just seconds. I used it to weave ribbons and bands into my hair aswell to create my summer 'burning man' look.  



Colours: when it comes to colours MORE is MORE! I love wearing & mixing colours. I did Mint Nails for example to pep up my classical black Amorelie Swimsuit - together with mint earrings & a few reduced tattoos the look was elegant but casually cute. 


Clothes: less is more - of course. Preferrably cut out, cropped, destroyed, ripped, flying, transparent or all of the above. My favourites are crop tops und cut out ones together with loose shorts - As easy as is perfect. 


by Adrian Bretscher www.hangar-entertainment.ch


To close this reflective post about my Summer 2015 motives I'd like to share this project that I was extremely happy to realize. Visualizing exactly that state of mind balancing between the purity of nature and the dirt of the city. I love & need both of them equally. They both are me - to me, they both are beautiful. They are my two faces, my two souls - both pictures where shot on the same day. One at 9pm in the light of the setting sun - the other one at 11pm under a street light in front of a stone city wall next to a garbage disposal. 

Nature & City Dualism

Capturing a Gemini

by Federico Naef www.federiconaef.ch 

wearing Gottex Swimwear left, and Bibi Bachtadze top & skirt by Gassmann Zurich on the right www.gassmannzuerich.ch 



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