Make your Own: Almond Milk

Did you know?

that Almond Milk is super easy to make at home?? 

I didn't!!! I always thought making Almond Milk at home was something for the extreme Rawegans amongst us. So I never even botheres to google a recipe! & when I heard Charlize Theron say in an interview that she makes her own Almond Milk at home - I thought...  Yeah right...!! 

Last week one of Zurichs most beautiful vegan Ladies, Singer & DJ Monica Babilon, gave me her own recipe for Almond Milk, it looked to delicious & simple, I couldn't resist to give it a try!


What you need:

Almonds, Dates, Vanilla, Coconutwater, Blender, Cheesecloth 


How to prepare it:

Soak 1 Cup of Almonds together with 5 Cups of Water overnight. 

Then wash the Almonds & get rid of the water. Blend the Almonds together with fresh water & coconut water (the less water you add - the creamier, richer your Milk will be according to your preference!) 3 Dates, and the scrape of half a Vanilla bean. Blend for around 30sec to 1 minute. 

Then pass the mixture through a cheesecloth, so that the particles get caught in the cloth - letting only the clean milk pass into the glass. 

thats it! can be stored 2-3 days in the fridge :)

the leftover particles caught in the cheesecloth can even be used as almond flour to use instead of regular flour in recipes for crumble, cakes & breads! So with this simple step you have actually created 2 valuable clean foods that will enrich your diet & keep you eating healthy.



Why choose this alternative? 

Almond Milk is Lactose & Cholesterol free - it contains a lot of benefactory nutrients such as Magnesium, Iron, Selenium, Potassium, Calcium, Zinc & Vitamin E. Untreated it holds longer than fresh milk (also untreated), which is why Almond Milk has been used already in the medieval times as replacement for milk. Almond Milk can be used in cooking just like milk, making it a very practical, tasty substitute for vegans or during fasting periods such as lent. 

I also simply prefer its sweet, nutty taste to that of regular milk - mixed with chocolate, honey, spices or as a chai tea, I find it a more flavourful option to enjoy. 

I used the Milk I made to create a vegan milkrice & a porride - both of which tasted absolutely stunning. 

Have fun experimenting & please share your own Almond Milk recipes with us!







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