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Join us to Amsterdam for the global launch event of a new Desperados product it said on the invitation... I didn't have to be asked twice. Being considered an 'Influencer' - even if I am still struggling with accepting that concept - definitely has its perks. Like joining on Rad Trips and being first to discover cool new products, but also meeting other Influencers from around the world, connecting, discovering crazy locations and new music. Its different than what we know from home - its strange, sometimes odd, but its cool. Its just a reminder that there is so much MORE out there that we don't know. I was really happy to go together with uber cool Minea from Aenym Blaze blog (aenymblaze.com) whom I have met at past events after I had been following her on Social Media for a while. Shes got rad style, is gorgeous but super sweet and down to earth. 

Its important to travel with good company and Amsterdam was a longtimer on my city trip bucket list and I loved it from the moment of arrival. Built 'close to the water' with boats passing through the canals, it looks like an exemplary piece of urban gardening. As if the gardening god had passed through it and planted trees, flowers and plants in every tiny little niche and spot where something could possibly be planted. And the bicycles - lots of bicycles with beautiful young people on them swirled through the streets and over the bridges - past the canals, the pretty little front doors and the diversity of plants. I really loved it. I wanted to stay one day walking and just taking pictures. But it was time to check into the Andaz Hotel - a beautiful boutique hotel in Prinsengracht located right by the canal in walking distance to lots of shops and f&b. I was hungry from my travel so after admiring the lobby and rooms and getting a quick change I set out to find a quick bite. Its a habit of mine to check out supermarkets whereever I travel - weird I know - but I love it for discovering new products :) I was amazed to find a huge selection of ready made meals like stewed sweetpotato curry with peas or spicy pasta and quinoa dishes AND right after the cash registere there were microwaves ready where one could just heat up the food and it it right outside the supermarket or by the canal. I picked up some veggie stew and mineral water & it was just the thing I needed before prepping for the night back at the hotel. I love that easy going kind of lifestyle - keeping things uncomplicated and social. Such a great vibe. I picked up some crudites and veggie sticks aswell to stash in my room so that I wouldn't attack the chips in the mini bar - always a good idea to have some healthy food option around to kill the cravings. 

It was time to head back and get ready! By the time I headed down the whole group was already ready - looking gorgeous - and we just took a two minute walk to the Pulitzer where we were to have our cocktails and dinner. 

'Cocktails' being chilled beers from the bottle of course. By that time we were a group of around 100 influencers & journalists from all around the world and it was great to meet greet and connect over a lovely dinner. 

After dinner it was time to transfer again(!) this time by car, and we still had no clue were we where going and what was actually about to be launched. The motto 'spin the night' didn't give much away. We were transferred to the piers were the whole group hopped on a ferry and 'sea shuttled' to a remote secret seaside location. 

Here we mixed with what seemed a local crowd and the show began! In the middle of the location was a giant perhaps 2m golden bottle which was announced by the presenter and on his go started to spin on its axis stopping at various points of the room where a stage would be lit for a crazy live music performance. It was a type of music I had never heard, and the people dancing in a way I had never seen. Like some movement that was strange to me. Like coming 50 years from the past and stepping into an electronic club for the first time. I wasn't familiar with the dynamic, at first it was bewildering, but I felt the power of the mood. It was rad to experience something so strong and so different. Some dancing reminded me of tribal dances I had seen in Africa - but the sound was very modern. The whole situation had something raw and savage though. I just stood there watching - and loving it! 

It must have been around midnight when the Special Desperados Flare Edition was finally unveiled - a beer that looked like liquid gold. Shimmering when shaken. It was quickly passed to everyone all through the room and within one minute the room was sparkling from every corner. I was holding it to my eyes and watching its movement - kind of shy to drink it :) 

My mother once told me that anything which is said or happens after midnight should be treated as if it has never happened or was never said - so I will say no more. 

The next day Minea & I needed to sleep in until almost noon and were almost late for check-out. We had a late flight back and enjoyed the sunny day in Amsterdam doing a little VLog for you guys. 

Have a look ;) 



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When two Girls head to Amsterdam for a global Desperados launch launch Event - a crazy Weekend Girls Trip is Guaranteed

LIFE 26 September 2016