O P E R N B A L L   2017

Zürich, Opernhaus


 Its incomprehensible to process what has happened in the past years and how 'Bloggers' have turned from being almost ridiculed personas to being respected guests. True that we work hard and have large communities - but the popularity and influence used to be limited almost exclusively to the internet. Whenever it was a reallife situation anyone from Bachelor candidate or beauty pageant üarticipant seemed to be of more interest. Not that I would judge - this was simply my observation. 

Some newspapers were still not happy about this arrangement however, with the NZZ writing 'a group of very jung Bloggers was invited to cover the event' - which is a bit far thrown from the facts. We were not invited to 'cover' the event, we were invited to attend the ball, plus some of the supposed 'Bloggers' do not even have a blog. Still anyone who is popular on Social Media these days is still called a blogger by those who don't know better. Those who do, switched to the term 'Influencer' which can be considered more appropriate. 

Things however have already changed, and still seem to be changing, which I appreciate. And I am exited to find out where things are going just as I was for the night at the #OpernballZH 2017.  

It was a magical and memorable experience, attending the Operaball: everything was perfect. I was wearing my dream dress - a stunning haute couture gown by Mery's Couture, an equally breathtaking collier created by Les Ambassadeurs which pink turmalines and diamonds. My hair was an ombre shade of pink, beautifully draped in a fairy like loosely twisted bun by Carolina Teles for, and my Make-Up was beautiful glowy look by the talented Make-up Artist Vanessa Bratschi. 

My dress, which was in nude lace and was body hugging around the waist, opened up to a beautiful full skirt which was short on the front, showing off a bit of leg, and long in the back. As the dresscode was blacktie I was unsure wether the short front part of the dress was acceptable, but was reassured by the kind and helpful ladies at Mery's Couture, that it was perfectly within the dresscode. 

Here's a picture of my full Look taken by the one and only David Biedert (



The night was perfect too - after getting ready I headed to the front of the Operahouse to snap some pictures outside of the Operahouse in daylight before the sun set. Afterwards jumping over to Restaurant Kronenhalle where I had dinner with a group of friends who were all going to the Operaball later. 

Heres a picture of our happy, hungry table at Kronenhalle :) 

After a delicious wine and dine it was time to dive into the magic of the Operaball. Entering the door felt like stepping into a movie - a polished crowd was moving elegantly and smiling, the athmosphere was friendly and festive. Guests smiled at each other, and complimented on their dresses. Champagne bars were situated at every corner, chilled oysterplates were floating around. The mood was captivating and reminded me somewhat of a fusion between Downtown Abbey and Great Gatsby - so it was nothing short of a dream come true. I had admired the Operaball since childhood, having danced the ballett for several years I feel drawn to it. 

I spent my time sipping champagne with my friends, and fellow blogger friends, hitting the photobooth, and having a go at the waltzing the dancefloor. Before I headed home I made sure to visit the Lindt booth where a special truffle 'Operaball Edition' was created live. Nothing in the world beats the taste of fresh chocolate - especially before going to bed.



Gown by Mery's Couture

Collier by Les Ambassadeurs

Hair by

Vanessa Bratschi Make-Up Artist - Beauty Blog 

Carolina Teles Beauty Blog


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