Superfood Purple Curry & Poppy Chicken

Its been a while since I posted a food recipe. I have been so busy lately that I have barely found any time to cook - which is a pity, because I love to cook & always happy when I find the time to.

The recipe I'm sharing with you today is as simple as it looks exotic! I am a big fan of the Thai Kitchen, I love the green, yellow and red Thai Curries in all variations - its healthy & a great way to warm up those chilly, rainy autumn days. What I am showing you today, is a recipe unlike I have ever seen on the menu of any Thai restaurant - in fact, I have never seen it anywhere -  PURPLE Curry!

Sounds extravagant - but its not! Its actually extremely simple and based on locally grown Swiss vegetable only. I bought all the Ingredients at my local Coop supermarket.

Preparation Time 30 Minutes only!

So here is your Shopping list:

For the Curry:

- 400g of multicoloured BIO Carrots (see picture above)

- Onion, Basil, Parsley, small piece of Garlic & small piece of raw Ginger

- Coconut Milk

- Green Curry Paste

For the Chicken:

- 300g of raw Chicken breast

- Honey

- Poppyseeds

- 1 egg

Option for Toppings:

- some seeds or crashed nuts

- white raisins

- chili oil



Cut up the Onion into medium pieces and stirr them together with the peeled Ginger & Garlic in 1 Tbsp Sesame, Peanut or Coconut Oil & 1 Teaspoon of the Green Curry Paste.

Then I prepare the Chicken by mixing one Egg with one teaspoon of Honey, Salt, Pepper and some of the green curry paste in a bowl. I add enough Poppy Seeds so that the mixture becomes thick and mix it with the cubed Chicken breast. Its up to your preference how much poppy seeds you like in the crust - the more Poppy you add the more "crusty" the Chicken will become. Experiment a little bit! 

Wash Carrots and cut them up into medium sized pieces - put them in little bit of salted boiling water - add the Onion, Ginger & Garlic, along with the Parsley & Basil to the Water to develop flavour. If you like you can also add Thai Basil or Lemongrass.

After around 2 Minutes step by step add the Coconut Milk & more green Curry Paste (depends how spicy you like it). Also depending on the thickness of your carrot pieces and your preference of consistency the cooking time will vary. Its important to always try & watch the food. If the desired consistency is reached pull the Pan away from the heat & let it rest.

Preheat a frying pan with some oil again and throw the Poppyseed covered Chicken inside - gently fry until the Chicken is well done & the Poppyseeds have formed a nice crust. Here you can also add some crashed nuts or seeds & raisins. The Seeds add extra crunch & the Raisins add some sweetness to the recipe which goes well with the spicy curry. 


Health Notes:

The reason I like to add lot of nuts etc. to my recipes is because I prefer to eat the Curry without Rice (empty carbs) - I prefer to add extra nutrition using 'superfoods' therefore making the recipe cleaner, more nourishing, and with a better effect on my metabolism. 

If you decide to make this recipe using only the curry and the chicken (without any Poppyseeds, Nuts & so on) you will probably not feel satisfied after the meal and crave something such as rice or bread. By using plenty (not too much) of the Superfoods however, this will not be the case - this is a major key to a balanced healthy diet! One other reason why I add the Seeds & Nuts directly into my recipes & salads, is because this way I automatically use the right dose of them. If I eat Cashew nuts straight 'out of the box' I am highly likely to overconsume on them - because as much as they are healthy, as much they are super fatty & very high in calories. 100g of Nuts (which can two handfuls) contains more calories than 100g (1 bar) of Chocolate! So be careful when using them! I recommend a quantity of around 20 - 30g. 


So back to our recipe - once the Chicken is crispy its done! 

You can serve the gorgeous purple Curry in a bowl, top it with the Chicken. I used my special chili oil that I brought from Hong Kong to add some extra spice - but any local chilli oil will do. 

Its not only pretty - it tastes just as good as it looks!



Did you know?

The purple carrot is not some lab conjured, genetically enhanced 'fashion' food - in fact, all carrots used to be purple - before they where specifically developed into the orange variations that we know today. One reason why the orange carrot was more popular was due to its sweeter taste. Another rumour has it, that the orange carrot became especially popular in the Netherlands as a tribute to the House of Orange. In any case the purple pigment in the Carrot is the same one responsible for the colour in Blueberries - anthocyanins - an antioxidant that gives the Blueberry (and therefore also the purple carrot) its superfood status :)



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