At the Supermarket

It was on the afternoon Andrea & I asked ourselves - Where is the prettiest fish?

Trips to the Supermarket are so 'everyday'. In need of food, we walk in, make roughly 70% of our buying decisions unconsciously & leave. We unpack, store it & once it is inside our Kitchen theres that amazingly rational reason to consume it - we bought it, paid for it, we should not waste it. Those 70% percent of what we bought can hardly be considered a smart buy. We bought it based on strategy, not our strategy, but the strategy of the shop management. It's worrysome, because theres a conflict of target - creating maximum turnover and profit vs. our health and wellbeing. 

Its that one strong reason to why so many people are finding themselves in an increasing conflict with Food. 

Due to the influencing which we are being exposed to in advertisements in and outside the store, its easy to get confused. This is precicely why an essential aspect of the Eating Clean is to minimize buying anything which is being advertised. First of all its a commercial product, with a business idea behind it - which is clearly not the consumers health and wellbeing, and secondly because by buying it, the consumer is  indirectly funding the pleasure of more advertisement (ugh).

When I visit the supermarket I act as a supplier to my kitchen - my supplying strategy builds the foundation of my eating habits. I can choose to buy fastfood, bad food, cheap or expensive, french, vegan, low carb or low fat - even chinese. The options are open - an incredible luxury which deserves to be recognized. By becoming a conscious shopper I can turn the game to my advantage, because finally I am the one making the decision over what I buy. Mind over matter - the conscious shopper will benefit from the luxury of choice, while the unconscious one will probably fall prey to sales psychology.  

This approach exceeds the aisles of local supermarkets - it can be applied to all areas of life. Thoughtful choices will generally lead to a better result, and solutions are hidden at the source of most problems. 

I enjoy to buy food - I visit food stores up to 3 times a day - from supermarkets to local cheese shops, bakeries or gourmet stores. My visits are short and usually I can carry my purchases in my hands, without using a basket. I go there already knowing what I want to buy and looking forward to it. I eat about half of what I buy on the same day. Simple, fresh and uncomplicated. I consider the options and variety of food available to me an incredible luxury and blessing. I appreciate the fact that I can usually get what I want. I don't mind to spend more money on food thats organic & local.

I can taste the difference - so its worth it. 

The images were captured on a Tuesday afternoon when I had ran into the famous & most recognized swiss Streetstyle Blogger, Andrea Monica Hug, in the trending streets of Zurich's District 5. I had to grab the opportunity to show her my favourite place to shop food. The Markthalle (Markethall/Foodhall) which was built into the historic railway viadukt. It is here where I can find the delicious, regional & quality food which I so crave to have in my kitchen. Often I just like to walk through it, to 'scout' some new products.

Andrea may be a Style & Fashion blogger, but I was happy to find that she shared my enthusiasm for food & health. It backs up my opinion, that Style extends itself beyond 'fashion trends'. Style is the expression of an inner posture - a state of mind. Requiring creativity and appreciation for details, style does't need to be flamboyant or obvious - but rather substantial & sustainable. 

I thank her for these pictures.
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