Taste of the South

Are you eating perfectly healthy? probably not - only the fewest of us do & I'm certainly not one of them!

We are all too familiar with the 'bad' food habits sneaking their way into our everyday lives, our weekly shopping list, and our kitchen cupboards. Once there, they become hard to resist - habits - we get used to them & we dont like to give them up.

Changing your environment and taking some days off to completely focus on yourself can provide you exactly that platform you need to free yourself from these habits - to refresh and reflect - to gather new inspirations and ideas to evolve your lifestyle.

When travelling, the temptation and possibility of snacking is limited, the climate, the selection of foods is different and the mind is less stressed. Its easy to just be lazy and overeat on your vacation - but you can also use this time to make a sustainable, positive change to your lifestyle - making you feel better and more healthy even after you have returned home. This for me is the true beauty of travelling - experiencing something that leaves a lasting impact on my life, my mindset and my attitude.

When going on Summer trips I love to stick to a very simple but amazingly tasty and healthy diet: fresh fruit in the morning,  grilled fish or seafood for lunch, beef or fish carpaccio or some sashimi for dinner with steamed vegetables or salads on the side. I make sure to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, and treat myself to some sorbet or ice cream in the afternoon. I also love to take pictures of the dishes to keep them as an inspiration for my cooking after i have returned. I gather all the new ideas and later use them for my cooking - enriching my diet even after the blissful vacation days are over. For me, these are the best souvenirs in the world :)

Wish you a great Vacation!

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St. Tropez - Portofino - Monaco
Taste of the South Taste of the South

use your vacation as a way to kickstart your diet change

LIFE 26 June 2014